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Determining the Effectiveness of Your Office Cleaning Company

Office cleaning services is a type of service that requires constant evaluation. The effectiveness of an office cleaning company is determined not only by the quality of the service provided but by a series of side-factors including reliability, trustworthiness and a few others. To determine how effective your office cleaning company is we have compiled a list of questions you should ask yourself and your current cleaning company: 1. Are you happy with the current services provided? 2. Are they doing a thorough job? 3. Do they respond to problems quickly? 4. Is your office inspected regularly by one of their supervisors? 5. Are they adequately equipped to handle emergencies (floods, fires, etc...) 6. Do they cut corners and do just enough to get by? 7. Have they ever left a job half done? 8. How important is safety to them? 9. Do they use adequate safety equipment? 10. Are the employees properly trained to work with the chemicals they handle? 11. Are they responsive to areas where they could improve their service? 12. How quickly do they respond to complaints? 13. Did they provide a health and safety assessment prior to starting work in your premises? 14. Are they open for suggestions? In the end it is your office and you should know what is best for it. Office cleaning is one of the most challenging types of cleaning there is due to the wide range of building styles and internal set-ups. That is why you need an office cleaning company with is fully customisable to suit your business. Total Clean offers office cleaning services with over 15 years experience to provide individual, bespoke benefits to a wide rangw customer base. If you are looking for reliable, competitively priced office cleaning in central London, London’s West End and surrounding areas, contact Total Clean for a no obligation quote.
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