Why Choose Total Clean?


We are totally committed to our customers and to the quality of the service we provide, considering it our primary duty to generate the highest levels of client satisfaction possible.


Total Clean was founded in 1988 as a contract commercial cleaning company specialising in cleaning offices. Since then, we have expanded and developed our cleaning expertise to cover a wide range of building types and businesses to include medical facilities, retail and leisure properties, car showrooms, schools and colleges and hospitality venues.

However we don’t simply apply the same cleaning method everywhere we go. We have made it our business to understand the specific needs and regulatory requirements of each type of client we service. For example, our experience in cleaning healthcare facilities has given us the skills to deliver standards which meet the rigorous requirements of the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

We understand that each client is unique and tailor each contract appropriately.


A seamless transition

Total Clean’s nearly 30 years’ experience has helped us to develop a thorough and well-proven process of contract mobilisation, taking into account all the specific requirements of each client, including:

  • site security requirements
  • logistics/storage of each building
  • health and safety/risk assessments for each site
  • recruitment/TUPE transfer of staff, inductions, training and site familiarisation

Each client will have a dedicated Total Clean contact who will manage the transition process, covering:

  • client meetings to fully understand each facility and its use
  • site meetings to finalise specification of works
  • agreement of SLAs and/or KPIs
  • production of tailored site specification packs
  • initial delivery of equipment and cleaning consumables

Our senior team is fully responsible for the planning and mobilisation stage of a contract, ensuring a smooth switch to using Total Clean’s services.


Quality Management

At Total Clean we are proud of the systems we have developed to help us maintain our quality cleaning service, and we are sure that these have contributed to our outstanding 95% client retention rate.

  • Responsive management structure
    Our preferred strategy is to apply a flat, responsive supervisory/management structure to client contracts. Teams comprised of operational management, regional and site supervision alongside customer relations staff enable us to develop a sustainable, high quality solution.
  • Working supervision
    Wherever possible, the same team of operatives will clean each premises on a consistent basis and they have a degree of autonomy over their work. This approach engenders a strong team approach to each site and a collective responsibility, and can help to build a strong, personal relationship between the client and the cleaning team.
  • Quality auditing
    The cornerstone of our quality management system is the Cleaning Quality Audit, which is the means by which we control the very high standards we promise our clients and which we strive to achieve consistently.

Environmentally friendly cleaning solutions

We take our responsibilities to the environment very seriously, highlighted by our strict adherence to our ISO 14001 certification, which gives us a framework for environmental management best practice.

In addition to this, we subscribe to CO2 Balance as a voluntary extension to our environmental policies and are certified as a ‘CarbonZero’ business.

As further demonstration of our ongoing desire to reduce our impact on the environment, we developed ‘Total Defence’, our own bespoke range of environmentally friendly cleaning products. The range covers standard products from glass cleaner to bactericidal washroom cleaner, and also includes a fogging service, used in medical practices as the final stage of cleaning a clinical environment to ensure it is infection and contamination free, and will meet the rigorous requirements of the CQC.



Never more than an hour away

Our onsite teams are available according to each client’s needs, at the time and on the days required, while our offsite supervisors are always close by to deal with any ad hoc or emergency issues.

Recruitment and Training

All our staff are subject to a very rigorous recruitment vetting procedure, with every prospective employee required to produce original documentation for verification, exceeding the guidelines set by the Home Office. This applies whether a future member of staff is transferring across to us or coming to us as a new team member.

We also have a very successful strategy of recruiting our cleaning operatives largely through introductions from existing employees, and a very high staff retention rate which further strengthens the level of security we are able to offer our clients.

Full induction training is given to each new employee, including comprehensive demonstration of all our cleaning methods to a BICSc level of competence, a full COSHH and Health & Safety demonstration including our policies and a thorough explanation of the levels of the professionalism and attention to detail that we insist upon and our clients expect.

All Total Clean employees attend Health and Safety and cleaning refresher courses on a regular basis.



Equal Opportunities

Total Clean is an equal opportunities employer, with the aim that no job applicant or employee receives less favourable treatment due to their gender, disability, marital status, race, religion, colour or nationality.

We are committed to a programme of action to make this policy fully effective and to the constant monitoring of our policies and business operations to maintain compliance with The Equality Act 2010.

Selection criteria and procedures are regularly reviewed to ensure that employees are selected, promoted and treated on the basis of their relevant merits and abilities. All employees will be given an equal opportunity and, where appropriate, relevant training, to enable them to progress within the company.


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    What our clients say


    london bride
    We have been using Total Clean for the last few years and have always been impressed with the dedication to meeting the high clinical standards we require. We have always found them friendly, trustworthy and would recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable team.

     – Vanessa Inglefield, London Bridge Plastic Surgery

    Vanessa Inglefield, London Bridge Plastic Surgery