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Sustainability and ESG in Cleaning Services

Sustainability and ESG in Cleaning

ESG in Businesses

ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) is a set of corporate regulations and standards in regards to a business’ impact on society and the environment. It’s an important aspect in assessing a business’ sustainability goals and judging a company’s accountability and how effectively they’re fulfilling their responsibilities.

We hold our ESG goals to a high standard, making sure everything we do prioritises sustainability for our clients, our employees and the society within which we provide our cleaning services.

ESG in Businesses

ESG Report

Our environmental, social and governance responsibilities are the three main pillars upon which we report, allowing clients to better understand our commitment to these pivotal standards.

Our strict standards and regulations surrounding sustainability improve client retention, enhance the positive influence of our brand image and help us to ultimately do our part in protecting the world.

Our Sustainability and ESG Strategies

Our Sustainability and ESG Strategies

Our sustainability and ESG strategies allow us to formulate a strong and in-depth foundation with seamless integration into our company’s processes to ensure that we are always putting our ESG priorities first in order to help us become the best version of ourselves.

Our focus is on our community and how our company interacts with you, whether that be through strong relationships and communications with our clients or through forging trustworthy and reliable connections with our suppliers, in order to guarantee our providers align with our sustainability interests.

Our ESG strategy includes:

  • Training to enhance awareness of sustainability and the needs and requirements of ESG in business.
  • Formulating our ESG and sustainability goals throughout all areas of our business.
  • Bringing in the necessary technologies and personnel to help us meet those ESG goals.
  • Seeking out partners, shareholders and suppliers who share our ESG priorities to strengthen our sustainability.
  • Implementing all the necessary changes to ensure we are in complete compliance with ESG and are putting sustainability first.
  • Routinely evaluating our ESG performance to ensure our goals are consistently being met and maintained company-wide.
Sustainability and ESG in Cleaning

Environmental Sustainability

As a cleaning company, meeting and exceeding our sustainability goals is essential. By implementing and sticking to eco-friendly strategies within our company, we are better positioned to extend those same environmental practices to our clients. We will be able to give back to the wider community and promote sustainable development nationwide through all our regional offices and clients.

All of our staff undergo sustainability training to ensure they are using the best practices when cleaning so that we can enforce and spread our values, improve brand awareness and guarantee our clients a reliable cleaning service that can be trusted to provide what they say they provide.

We have our own range of sustainable cleaning products known as Total Defence. This allows us to provide a consistent level of eco-friendly cleaning designed to protect the environment, safeguard employee health and follow through on our green cleaning promises and values.

The cleaning materials included in our Total Defence range are:

  • As chemically neutral as possible
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Non-toxic

Surfaces are safe to touch once dry and any waste that is accrued from the use of these products will be disposed of sustainably. We regularly test products using less harmful chemicals, seeking to improve our sustainable cleaning practices while maintaining the high quality of cleanliness and hygiene that our clients are accustomed to.

Sustainable Energy Goals

Sustainable Energy Goals

A big part of sustainability is energy efficiency. Our cleaning teams will implement the best processes and practices while cleaning your site to ensure that as little energy is being used as possible in order to ensure your company maintains its environmental responsibilities.

This will include using less energy with our cleaning equipment and conserving our usage of water, especially in window cleaning and pressure washing. This allows us to be more environmentally aware of our cleaning processes and preserve natural resources for all our clients.

We also use an electric fleet of vehicles to help us save energy and lower our company’s carbon footprint as we drive to our clients’ sites. In addition to this, all our operations offices use solar energy to help us meet and exceed our sustainability goals.

carbon zero

Our Carbon Zero Initiative

As a company, we recognise our responsibilities to the environment and the community to lower our carbon emissions and contribute to a healthier society. We regularly monitor our CO2 production and seek to reduce our carbon impact more each year.

We have a series of long-standing objectives and targets aimed at helping us to optimise our Carbon Zero initiative that is reviewed regularly. These goals include:

  • Prevention of pollution
  • Minimisation of energy and material usage and the production of waste
  • Effective and responsible waste management and disposal
  • Promoting product reuse and recycling
  • Maintaining high workforce awareness of environmental issues
  • Involving suppliers and contractors in environmental initiatives
  • Continually Improving the company’s performance
supply chain

A Sustainable Supply Chain

We incorporate our commitment to sustainability into all facets of our company to ensure we are always giving back to the community and helping to contribute towards positive climate change.

We exclusively use cleaning cloths made from recyclable fabrics that are cleaned and reused as much as possible to reduce our company’s waste output. We will use our expert knowledge in waste and recycling management to dispose of all used cloths safely.

Our cleaning sprays and liquid products are refilled from larger containers, enabling us to reuse the same bottles and drastically lower our plastic waste.

For safety, each cleaning solution and bottle is marked so that each bottle is always filled with the correct solution, helping us to avoid cross-contamination. As with our cleaning cloths, spray bottles will be safely recycled at the end of their lifespan.

All of our cleaning products and materials are sourced via Regional Offices with stock replenished through local providers, guaranteeing that stock is always correct and approved so we can continue to use safe and sustainable cleaning solutions.

Electric Sustainability Goals

Electric Sustainability Goals

Our Carbon Zero initiative also extends to cutting down our use of fuels to create a more sustainable approach to delivering our cleaning services. This incorporates our electric fleet of vehicles that are charged by solar power panels at our offices across the country.

This allows us to drastically cut down on our greenhouse gas emissions during the working day and help us to take an important step forward to doing our part for the environment.

Our electric-first sustainability goals have also helped us to cut down on our paper waste. All schedules, shifts and to-do lists can be accessed from the Total Clean app which is electronically updated regularly by Area Managers to issue new tasks. Evidence of completed tasks are captured by the app and are integrated into the audit report.

This focus on digital task management allows us to conserve the usage of natural resources while also enabling us to streamline our cleaning processes to become more efficient than ever. With a higher level of organisation, our clients will be able to see the impact of our cleaning work more swiftly and our cleaning professionals will be better placed to carry out their best work.

solar pv panels

Solar PV Panels

We use solar PV panels at our Operations Office to help us generate electricity for our operations from a renewable energy source.

Using energy from sunlight helps us to reduce our reliance on grid electricity and lowers our company’s carbon footprint, allowing for more sustainable management of our daily working tasks so that we can assure our clients that we follow the same sustainability responsibilities as they are.

Our dedication to energy independence allows us to continue to practise, find and improve upon our energy saving methods. We strive to share these values with our clients, partners and shareholders so that we can create a strong foundation for sustainability which guarantees that we follow through on our sustainability promises.

We use our solar PV panels to run the electricity in our office from our computers and printers to air conditioning and kitchen appliances. We also make use of solar energy to charge our electric fleet of vehicles, allowing us to support the sustainability directives in other areas of our company as well.

Our Sustainability Accreditations

Our Sustainability Accreditations

Total Clean is committed to complying with all environmental legislation and maintaining a high level of environmental awareness through our training, cleaning procedures, and use of resources.

Our Environmental Management System (EMS) is established and regulated by the International Standard ISO 14001:2015 which integrates environmental standards and understanding into the cleaning process and encompasses the environmental duties of management, employees, suppliers, and contractors.

Our signature Total Defence cleaning product range has been awarded the IPPC permit by the Environmental Agency, the gold standard for eco-friendly manufacturing. The IPPC (Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control) accreditation is the ultimate benchmark for green processes in manufacturing and proves our commitment to our sustainable promises.

The IPPC demonstrates our green values on every level of the manufacturing process, with our chemical company’s manufacturing plant being designated as a ‘Low Impact Installation’, and helps us to show that when it comes to the environment, we are fully dedicated to only providing the best of the best.

The IPPC and ISO qualifications of our chemical company shows that we are prepared to prove their compliance with environmental regulations. Gaining IPPC is a significant effort as it requires ten times more financial investment and management time. As a company, we are always ready to go the extra mile to do our part for climate change.

Have any questions about ESG?

ESG is concerned with the environmental, social and governance responsibilities of a company and how its products and services commit to sustainability for all its clients, employees and the community as a whole.

We use a number of eco-friendly strategies within our cleaning, from conserving water usage to using our own brand of environmentally friendly cleaning supplies, Total Defence, which allows us to clean without the risk of chemical pollution. We also own an electric fleet which lowers our carbon emissions and our offices are all solar powered. Our cleaners are trained in environmental responsibility and awareness so that our values are maintained for all our clients.

ESG provides a competitive advantage within the industry, helping us build strong customer relations, improve retention and keep our company sustainable. Sustainability allows us to reduce waste, lower costs and improve our brand reputation.

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