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Furniture and carpets are hotspots for germs in the workplace with germs and bacteria being able to settle in to soft surfaces. Keeping them clean is an easy way to lower the risk of health issues which is where we come in.

Why Keep Your Carpets and Upholstery Clean

Carpets are a high traffic area in any workplace with staff and clients regularly walking back and forth on them. The fibres absorb dirt and germs but when the fibres start to clump together, they can’t do their job properly and pollutants and allergens rise into the air. A buildup of bacteria can also be to the detriment of the carpet, making it more vulnerable to wear and tear.

Keeping your carpets clean is vital to maintaining the health of your workers. A clean carpet ensures your staff aren’t picking up or transmitting as many germs and it also protects your clients. It can be beneficial to the overall appearance of your workplace as well. A clean carpet can look fluffed up and well-cared for if it has long, thick fibres or professional and smart if you have a shorter cut. This enhances your image, allowing you to present yourself as respectable and reliable to potential clients.

The same goes for any upholstery or furniture your workplace may have. Germs can live on the soft fibres so keeping them clean protects you and your clients when you sit down to work or have a meeting and ensures that you’re making sure every last aspect of your workplace is in top condition.

How to keep your carpets clean

There are many different ways to keep a carpet clean such as using special shampoos to clean out germs and separate fibres that have clumped together. Some shampoos come in special hoovers that allow you to shampoo and vacuum simultaneously.

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Regular Vaccums

Regular vacuuming is a good way to keep on top of any dirt that can accumulate over the course of a day and make sure your workplace is always looking its best. There is also a dry cleaning process that can mean you don’t have to wait for the carpet to dry after cleaning if you need a quicker solution. 

Shampoo Carpet

There are also different shampoos and carpet foams you can use to clean up any stains and catch spillages as quickly as possible. Carpet foams are designed to lift spilled fluid and dirt off carpets in a few minutes to prevent staining.

Quality Controls

Cleaning can also bring colour back into fading fibres and help your carpet look fresh and new again, supporting the professional image of your company and helping your reputation.

Eco-friendly Products

We have our own range of products known as ‘Total Defence’ which incorporates an environmentally friendly approach to cleaning. Chemicals can be to your company’s detriment, causing allergic reactions and affecting the mental health of your staff, sometimes with long-reaching implications on their mortality rates. Using eco-friendly products not only protects the environment and is a more economic way to clean, it also defends your staff, protecting them from illness on all fronts, both bacterial and chemical.

A clean carpet means you’re addressing one of the biggest hotspots in your workplace and maintaining the professionalism of your company and the health of your workers.

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What clients are saying

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"I just wanted to send you a quick email to say that we are very impressed with the standard of cleaning that we are receiving."

Ashleigh Cornell
Dean & Wood

"Very happy with Total Clean - they provided us with a fogging service which was carried out very efficiently. The whole Total Clean Team were very polite & easy to deal with."

Sujita Patel
Sunflower Healthcare

"I am happy to report that we are very happy with the service provided, the standard of cleaning is very high and we have never had reason to complain about the high standard of service that we receive."

Levi Springer
East Lancashire Medical Services

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