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Driving up sales and drawing in potential customers is the most important part of your car dealership and having clean and presentable car showrooms is a great way to show you are a professional and trustworthy investment. We are the cleaning company to help you achieve that goal.

Increasing Customer Sales

Clean, sparkling cars do their part in drawing a potential customer’s eye and investing in car showroom cleaning services will make your business even more appealing to them. Inspiring confidence and trust in your customer is vital.

Our professional cleaning service has thirty plus years of experience under our belt and we will use every drop of our expertise to make sure your car showroom looks as professional as your cars, reinforcing your message that you are the best dealership to buy from and helping with the mood of your customer - a happy customer is always a good thing.

Keeping Up With the Industry

You want to be the best option for car dealerships and the indisputable top choice for anyone looking to buy a new car.

Professionalism, efficiency and reliability are the kinds of qualities you strive for to improve your buyer's experience and keeping your showroom clean is the best way to give your customers a great first impression. We share your values and will always strive to get you what you want and what you need, giving you a high quality service that ensures you are above and beyond the industry standard

Cost-Effective and Flexible Contracts

The running of car dealerships can be busy and stressful and we appreciate that you want to put all your concentration into sales and the business and not have to worry about the cleaning.

Our cost-effective tailored contracts are designed to give you peace of mind and are there to support you around your needs and the needs of your business. We offer our cleaning services at the hours that are best for you including after you’ve shut down for the day.

Fogging Service

Another of our features is our fogging service. Covid-19 is a continuing issue in the world and fogging your business is the best way to disinfect the premises of Covid and any other bacteria. The mist generated can get into parts of your car dealership you could never reach and provides a thorough decontamination.

This depth of showroom cleaning will go a long way to making sure your customers are safe and will alleviate any stress an employee might have at the risk of infection.

Deep Clean Service

One of the many ways we can help you is through our deep cleaning service. This is one of the most thorough ways to make sure your car dealership is free of germs and bacteria, getting into all the forgotten corners.

Car dealerships are high traffic businesses with lots of customers coming in and out every day. Making sure it’s clean and healthy protects your customers and your staff and also ensures you’re always making a positive impression.

What clients are saying

Read what our wonderful clients have had to say

"I am happy to report that we are very happy with the service provided, the standard of cleaning is very high and we have never had reason to complain about the high standard of service that we receive."

Levi Springer
East Lancashire Medical Services

"Always a wonderful experience with Total Clean! Extremely happy with their amazing fogging service to ensure our clinic has always been and will remain COVID-secure."

Dr Rasha Clinic
Sarah Khalifa

"Very happy with Total Clean - they provided us with a fogging service which was carried out very efficiently. The whole Total Clean Team were very polite & easy to deal with."

Sujita Patel
Sunflower Healthcare

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