Deep Cleaning Services in London

We offer deep cleaning services as part of an agreed schedule of ongoing maintenance with an existing client, or as a one-off service. Our highly trained cleaners can carry out deep cleans in a variety of sectors in London.

Our deep cleaning services can be performed across a number of commercial sites including:

  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Offices
  • Shops and commercial properties

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Professional deep cleaning in London

Professional deep cleaning is a specialist cleaning service required by businesses as part of an environmental policy or as a one off thorough clean. Deep cleaning takes care of the hard to reach areas and those spaces that are trickier to clean on a day-to-day basis.

We offer deep cleaning services across London to schools, hospitals and offices, as well as end of tenancy or moving house deep cleans.

Our deep cleaning services include

  • End of tenancy deep clean
  • School deep cleaning – very popular during summer holidays
  • Medical facility deep clean – usually before a CQC visit
  • Home deep cleaning
  • Kitchen deep cleaning
  • Office deep cleaning

Frequently asked questions about deep cleaning

What is deep cleaning?

Deep cleaning is often considered a seasonal clean, however, to maintain a hygienic and maintained environment deep cleaning should be a regular occurrence.
Deep cleaning is different from regular cleaning because it reaches the deep grime and soiling that would not be covered in a regular clean.
Additionally, it covers tasks which are beyond a regular cleaning cycle.
At Total Clean, we liaise closely with our clients to tailor deep cleans around the needs of the facility we are cleaning.

What type of businesses can you deep clean?

Our experienced cleaners are trained to the highest standards to carry deep cleans in any business sector. For example, a school might book in a deep clean at any time or during the summer holidays to fully clean their carpets and hard floors, ensure all their IT equipment is hygienically clean, all work surfaces, washrooms, kitchen, touch points and all the doors and windows are contamination free. Alternatively, a medical facility might book us for a deep clean prior to a CQC visit or as ongoing regular maintenance, to ensure that their premises meet the required rigorous standards and stand up to the current coronavirus demands for a safe working facility.

How long does it take to deep clean a flat?

An average flat in London is around 73 sq metres. A professional deep clean can take several hours, this often happens on an end of tenancy deep clean. The condition of some flats or rooms within which need extra attention can add significantly to the time spent on cleaning.

When is deep cleaning necessary?

Deep cleaning can be required for a number of reasons; In a busy office environment, regular deep cleaning not only maintains high levels of hygiene, but it also helps maintain and prolong the new appearance of things like office furniture, IT equipment, surfaces, carpets, hard floors and kitchen equipment amongst others, therefore it is recommended to deep clean an office regularly, such as monthly or quarterly. In a high traffic location, such as a hospital, hygiene standards can decline quickly, so deep cleaning should be practised regularly. Weekly deep cleans are common, but deep cleans are also required immediately should there be an outbreak of an infection, such as with the Coronavirus pandemic. Some properties require deep cleans to help reduce insurance costs. The intervals required to comply with your insurance should be checked against the insurance policy. In general, deep cleans should be scheduled on a basis that meets the demands of the business activity and should always be part of your cleaning maintenance program.

How do you deep clean a carpet?

We recommend a 5 step program to deep clean carpets:
Step 1
Assess your carpet.
Check to see what type of fibre the carpet is made from and what the construction of it is. This will determine which cleaning method and solution will give the optimum clean. Check for stains and other problems which require treatment.
Step 2
Thoroughly vacuum the carpet using a high powered commercial grade vacuum cleaner. The soil in a carpet is dry so it is important to remove as much of this as possible before any other cleaning begins, otherwise, the treatments will sit on top of the dry soiling.
Step 3
Treat spots or stains with the appropriate spotting and stain removing solution. The stain may need steam cleaning if it is hard soiling.
Step 4
A carpet cleaning pre-treatment can be applied to the carpet. The solution will break the bond between the soil and the fibres of the carpet. There are many different types of carpet pre-treatment depending on the type of soils in the carpet. For example, a dirty carpet in a retail store will require a different cleaning solution to a fine oriental rug in an office.
Step 5
The cleaning solution is worked into the carpet fibres with special machinery.
This final process also restores the pile of the carpet lifting any flattened areas.
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What our clients say


blossomsh healthcare
We are so grateful that you were able to assist us with an urgent deep clean over the weekend, without which we would have been unable to see any patients. The clean was fantastic and has really brought our old carpets back to life. Your cleaner is always going above and beyond for us, he ensures any request we give him is actioned immediately and the communication between us is great. Total Clean have always provided us with a great professional service and our clinic is always sparkling clean and smells fresh every day. I would 100% recommend Total Clean to anyone looking for an excellent cleaning service.

 – Lucy Myers, Blossoms Healthcare

Lucy Myers, Blossoms Healthcare