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Benefits of green cleaning services

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Green cleaning services offer an effective method of cleaning which is safer for people and better for the environment.


Whether you’re a housekeeper who cleans all day, a business owner who manages the office cleaning, or someone who cleans your own home regularly, you might want to find out more about eco friendly cleaning and green cleaning services.

It’s tempting to use products with lots of chemicals because they seem stronger and more effective. Read the rest >>

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Dyson Reveal First-Ever Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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Always at the forefront of cleaning innovations, Dyson have been pretty quiet on the robotic vacuum front, until this month with the reveal of their first-ever commercial ‘smart vac’.

Whilst Roomba has become a household name in the cleaning world, to the public eye Dyson have been seemingly happy to sit back and stick to their more traditional cleaning apparatus. They certainly didn’t mention anything about developing a robot vacuum cleaner. Read the rest >>

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Coolest Offices in the World: Red Bull UK HQ in London

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We are back with our Europe’s Coolest Offices series and today we bring you a very unique office from one of the world’s most popular beverages, Red Bull. The energy drink giant’ UK HQ in Soho, London, is another master creation from Jump Studios.

Red Bull’s UK HQ interior design was created with what Red Bull is all about, hyperactivity and adrenaline-overload. Instead of stairs there are slides, yes slides, to move from one floor to another and ping pong table meeting rooms to let the energy flow. Read the rest >>

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Amazing Office Buildings: Comvert Office in Milan Italy

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Here we are once again with our articles featuring the coolest offices in Europe. We’ve seen state-of-the-art offices in this series but the one we are going to see today is by far my favourite. Why? The place has a skateboarding bowl inside. How cool is that?

Introducing Comvert an Italian skate and snowboard company. This amazing office building is based in Milan which sells gear under the brand name Bastard. Read the rest >>

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Extreme Cleaning: The Shard Window Cleaning

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Here at Total Clean, we’ve cleaned some pretty ‘extreme’ places in offices around London, but we’ve got nothing on some of the guys who work on The Shard!


Officially opened earlier last week and holder of the title ‘Western Europe’s Tallest Building’, the Shard in London is the brainchild of Sheikh Hamad Bin Jassim Bin Jabor Al Thani, and provides up over 31.4 acres of space across 78 floors. But the Shard’s window cleaning still has to be done! Read the rest >>

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Top 5 Cool Offices in London

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The big smoke has thousands of offices and there is a handful that really stands out. Here is our pick of the 5 coolest offices in London.

There’s a growing trend in London to create an office space that is to die for, most of which cost a tidy sum. However, as we often see in our day to day operations as an Office Cleaning Company in London, those with a more realistic budget can create a cool office space. Read the rest >>

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Europe’s Coolest Offices: Nykredit’s Office in Copenhagen

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Here at Total Clean we are passionate about offices not only because our job is to clean them but because we like to appreciate the innovations and designs of today’s office spaces.

With that in mind we decided to start a new series of articles to show you some of the world’s coolest offices.

Nykredit’s Office in Copenhagen.


Nykredit is one of Europe’s leading financial services providers with commercial and mortgage banking as cornerstones. Read the rest >>

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Green Cleaning Products For Your Home

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While it might seem rather arcane to use natural ingredients for cleaning, most modern synthetic cleaning products are based on the same principles of chemistry that allow tea tree oil to remove mould. But you can use some green cleaning products for your home that work wonders.

Not only are these green cleaning products equally effective as branded products, most can be found in your kitchen cupboards and are entirely non-toxic. Read the rest >>

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13 Professional Office Cleaning Tips

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Everyone knows the benefits of a clean and tidy office; improved concentration, less sick days, better morale etc. but – unless you have a cleaning company on hand – it can be hard to stay on top of.

With more and more people working from home, in small teams or hot-desking, here’s 13 ways to keep your desk tidy and your office clean. Read on for 13 professional office cleaning tips that you can use for your home office. Read the rest >>

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Do you Have a Dirty Kitchen Sink in your Office?

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Modern office buildings offer kitchen facilities for employees. However it also the responsibility of the office employees to keep this facility clean throughout the day. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case and raises the question among employees of different companies asking ‘Do you have a dirty kitchen sink in your office?’

Dirty Kitchen Sink

Is your office kitchen sink full of unwashed cutlery, bowls, plates and anything else that gets thrown in the kitchen sink? Read the rest >>