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How Often Should You Deep Clean Your Office?

How Often Should You Deep Clean Your Office?

Many different things contribute to a happy, healthy, and productive workplace. While we all would be quick to consider aspects such as teamwork and morale, it's also essential to consider everyday expectations, such as hygiene. The importance of office cleanliness cannot be overstated, nor can it be neglected. Doing so rids your workplace of harmful germs and bacteria, creating a much safer and healthier environment. But how often should you deep clean your office?

 Good question! And one that we will get the answer to in this blog post! But before we get to that, let's start with a few crucial reasons why you should deep clean your office.

Why Should You Deep Clean Your Office?

Total Clean

Well, first and foremost you should clean your office because you want to. Granted, cleaning may not be your favourite task in the world, but a deep clean of your office offers a wide range of benefits and just generally makes it a more pleasant place to spend the working week. But let’s get a bit more specific. What are the key reasons for office cleaning?

Healthier and more productive

If hygiene is neglected or poorly maintained, offices and other workplaces accumulate a vast range of germs and bacteria. Such workplaces naturally create more opportunities for employees to get sick as germs are spread. Whether it’s from person to person or from surfaces, the spread of germs can cause big problems for both your employees and your business. If people in the office are sick, it instantly impacts their performance and morale, both of which takes their toll on productivity. Not to mention the increase in people taking sick days. Less staff in the office means less productivity.

Safer work environment

Hygiene is also a critical aspect of workplace health and safety for multiple reasons. Firstly, because it prevents the spread of illnesses and keeps your employees safe, but also because buildups of rubbish or debris can cause a genuine health hazard. An office space free and clear of clutter makes the workplace much safer and encourages increased productivity due to fewer distractions.

Workplace morale

We don’t have to tell you how vital workplace morale is. Everyone has spent time in a job where they’re unhappy. It’s not nice. So, when you consider how often you should deep clean your office, employee morale is a huge factor to take into account. An unclean or poorly maintained space looks unappealing and is frustrating to navigate, but it also creates an environment where bad odours are common. Any combination of these things can lead to a very unhappy workforce and feel that their employer doesn’t value both them and their workplace.


We had to mention it! Although Covid-19 is less of a mystery and less scary than before, it’s still very much a top priority for employers. A deep clean is a perfect opportunity to breathe new life into your workplace and remind everyone of the importance of maintaining good cleaning practices and always endeavouring to keep their workspace as clean as possible. Failing to clean correctly or promoting an attitude less concerned with hygiene encourages bad habits and can lead to people not taking it seriously. People who think this way could prove to be a problem when it comes to taking the proper precautions for Covid and therefore endangering your workplace and business.

While office cleaning and disinfecting frequency will vary depending on your industry, your contact with the public, and how often you are open — preventing COVID-19 relies on a regular and thorough cleaning and disinfecting.

Check out our Covid-19 cleaning checklist here! 

Regular Cleaning or Deep Clean?

How long does it last?

Before we discuss how often you should deep clean your office, let’s first take a quick look at the two main types of cleaning methods or services available, which are an everyday clean and a deep clean.

Regular cleaning

'Regular' office cleaning refers to the general, regular and essential cleaning staff members and cleaners undertake daily, weekly, or monthly (not mutually exclusive, please clean more than once a month). Tasks can include cleaning your desk or workspace, taking out the rubbish, wiping down surfaces, vacuuming, and dusting. These types of tasks make the office a cleaner and appealing environment to spend time in, and as we mentioned, it comes with its benefits. They are all things people can carry out on their own and won't take much time at all.

It really depends on the specific task at hand when it comes to how often you should perform regular cleaning at work. For example, the bins will need to be taken out more than once a week, whereas desks and surfaces may need to only be taken care of once a week. Generally, smaller tasks such as these should frequently occur to prevent the spreading of germs or the buildup of debris.

How often should you deep clean your office?Total Clean

Deep cleaning refers to move intensive measures, which are less frequent but extremely important. Therefore, knowing how often to deep clean your office is vital for any business owner. One thing to know about this type of cleaning is that your best bet is to seek the services of a professional cleaning company, as they have the skills, experience, and equipment necessary. Tasks within this category include cleaning floors and deep carpet cleaning, sanitising all surfaces, cleaning upholstery, steam cleaning, and much more.

Essentially any aspect of hygiene that requires special equipment, expert knowledge, or a hefty amount of work falls in the deep clean category. And all of which are best suited for the professionals to take care of.

Deep cleaning is crucial for the health and safety of your employees. Without it, germs, mould, and other harmful substances can build up and lead to illness. However, deep cleaning doesn’t need to occur as often as regular cleaning. This, of course, would be costly and ultimately unnecessary. So, how often should you deep clean your office? On average, you should deep clean your office at least twice a year. However, you can get away with once a year if your office is small and you don’t have the budget for multiple deep cleanses.

Office Sizes and Features

Every office is different. Therefore, varying factors will determine your ideal office cleaning schedule. First, you need to consider the size. Larger offices, regarding both square footage and population, will need more frequent cleaning. But size isn’t the only aspect to keep in mind.

The features of and within an office play vital a role too. For example, an office that features lots of carpeting should undergo more commercial office cleaning than one with fewer carpets or none at all. Germs, dirt, and dust can easily stick to carpet, more than they would on hardwood or tile flooring. Activity will also determine office cleaning frequency, such as foot traffic and the activities within the space. An office filled with constantly moving staff members or customers gets dirtier quicker and needs cleaning regularly.

If your office requires a deep clean or it’s something you feel that should be occurring more often, like twice a year, for example — Total Clean can help you! Total Clean specialises in a wide range of professional cleaning services, and we work with a wide range of businesses to keep their workplaces clean, healthy, and productive.

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