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Hospitality, Hotel & Pub Cleaning

Hospitality, Hotel & Pub Cleaning London

If you are looking for a pub cleaning, restaurant cleaning or hotel cleaning service that goes above and beyond hospitality industry standards, then we are the company for you.

Maintaining Food Hygiene

The most important way our hotel and pub cleaning service can help you is through mitigating the risk of food poisoning. Cross-contamination is always a risk in the kitchen and by keeping it clean and healthy, you protect both your patients and your reputation.

We have thirty plus years of experience we can use to help keep your pub, restaurant or hotel free of germs and stay on top of the risks of cross-contamination. We appreciate that food hygiene is one of your top priorities and that keeping your kitchen area maintained is one of the most important parts of making sure your business stays running.


Maintaining Staff and Customer Satisfaction

We also appreciate the importance of your customers. The front of house will be the first thing they see when they enter your pub, restaurant or hotel and making sure it looks presentable is important.

Giving your customers a good first impression bodes well for the rest of their visit and in drumming up further business. Making sure your reception and eating area are clean ensures that you come across as a professional and high-quality establishment.

We can also provide a good housekeeping service to make sure your customers are taken care of throughout their whole stay.

A Service that Combats the Stress of the Working Day

Running a business in the hospitality industry can be stressful and intense. Hiring an outside cleaning service to take care of your pub, restaurant or hotel means your staff will have more time to focus on their jobs and reduce unnecessary stress, increasing morale and making their shifts more enjoyable.

Because of the pressure that can come with a long day at work, our cleaning service is able to come in your off-hours so that we are not taking up your time in busy rush periods.

Cost-Effective and Flexible Contracts

Another of our features is our fogging service. Covid-19 is a continuing issue in the world and fogging your business is the best way to disinfect the premises of Covid and any other bacteria.

The mist generated can get into parts of your pub, restaurant or hotel you can't reach normally and provides a thorough decontamination. This will go a long way to making sure your customers are safe and will alleviate any stress an employee might have at the risk of infection.

Deep Clean Service

One of the many ways hotel cleaning services can help you is through a deep clean. A thorough and intensive professional service will ensure your kitchen and other areas of your business are kept in line with industry standards. It will take care of any forgotten dirt left behind from a day’s cooking and serving and allow your business to be at its optimum for the next day of work.

A regular cleaning will raise the quality and reputation of your restaurant, pub or hotel while also making your staff and customers happier.

What clients are saying

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"I just wanted to send you a quick email to say that we are very impressed with the standard of cleaning that we are receiving."

Ashleigh Cornell
Dean & Wood

"I am happy to report that we are very happy with the service provided, the standard of cleaning is very high and we have never had reason to complain about the high standard of service that we receive."

Levi Springer
East Lancashire Medical Services

"Always a wonderful experience with Total Clean! Extremely happy with their amazing fogging service to ensure our clinic has always been and will remain COVID-secure."

Dr Rasha Clinic
Sarah Khalifa

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