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The Benefits of Fogging: A Deep Clean Covid-19 Service

The Benefits of Fogging: A Deep Clean Covid-19 Service


If the last few years have taught us anything, it's how imperative hygiene is for protecting ourselves against harmful germs, bacteria, and virus outbreaks. Covid-19 caused multiple lockdowns and immense disruption, and now monkeypox is on the scene — further highlighting the importance of diligent hygiene and deep cleaning services. And one of the most effective cleaning methods for covid-19, monkeypox, and general sanitising and disinfecting is fogging. But what is fogging? In this post, we'll discuss fogging, explaining what it is and how it protects residential and commercial locations from health risks and ongoing disruptions.

How fogging works

What is Covid-19 Fogging?

Fogging is a professional cleaning service in which a fine sanitising spray is spread throughout a room or larger area. The sanitising spray combined with adequate air circulation allows for efficient and thorough decontamination of an area to eliminate harmful germs and bacteria. It has proven to be a very effective method of dealing with outbreaks such as covid-19 and monkeypox. However, fogging isn't strictly for these outbreaks and can be used for conventional sanitising of small and large environments.

How Fogging works?

Fogging is designed to distribute sanitising spray throughout the air to cover all areas requiring decontamination. This process is a deep cleaning service and, therefore, must be carried out by professional cleaning specialists. The fine mist covers every surface and gets to those difficult-to-reach areas, and it also penetrates soft furnishings such as sofas, curtains and carpets. Soft furnishings can often be overlooked and considered less of a hygiene concern compared to surfaces or nooks and crannies, but failing to be thorough is where mistakes are made. Our Total Defence chemical technology and electrostatic machinery ensure your home, office, or any other property is clean, sanitised, and safe for everyone who enters. One of the critical benefits of fogging is its ability to kill airborne pathogens and viruses that can linger even after conventional deep cleans are carried out.  

Is Fogging safe?

Yes, completely safe. In fact, for smaller areas, professional cleaners using fogging can be in and out within minutes. Of course, this isn't always the case; it depends on the area's size and other factors. One important thing to consider is that you will need to give the sanitising spray time to settle and do its job. This means your premises may be required to shut down for a few hours while it takes effect, so keep this in mind when you schedule fogging deep cleaning services to prevent disruptions. Also, our technicians are always protected from head to toe in sterile, disposable clothing while wearing breathing apparatus. This ensures they are fully protected and safe while using sanitising fog to cover the entire area.

What chemicals does the fogging mist contain?

What chemicals does the Fogging mist contain?

The mist we use is our own Total Defence brand of environmentally friendly fogging disinfectant, and we can adjust the strength depending on your specific requirements. While we always strive to provide the best and most effective cleaning solutions for our customers, it's also a top priority to do everyone possible to protect the environment. Our unique fogging product is used extensively in clinical environments and numerous accreditations. Furthermore, our products are safe to use on electronics, fabrics, and food preparation areas — meaning they can be used effectively without concern for damage to your belongings or chemical contamination.

Why should you choose Fogging?

At Total Clean, we offer many different deep cleaning services in London. So why choose fogging over other cleaning solutions? We always provide the best possible service to suit our customers' unique requirements. And, in many cases, this happens to be fogging. This is because fogging reaches areas that regular cleaning may miss or not notice. The hard-to-reach areas where viruses can remain and risk spreading. Sometimes areas are missed by accident, and other times, it can be a human error. Either way, this isn't a concern when you opt for fogging because it covers every inch of the space and settles the sanitising agent on all surfaces. If you're looking for a way to carry out in-depth virus contamination, our advice would be a combination of your regular cleaning process and a professional deep cleaning service like fogging.

Can you use fogging at home?

Can you use Fogging at home?

Absolutely! Total Clean provides deep cleaning fogging services for a wide range of environments, including homes. Fogging is used to decontaminate homes just as we would for an office, car showroom, or any other commercial space. Whether you have had an outbreak of covid-19 or monkeypox or simply require thorough decontamination at home — fogging is a highly effective cleaning solution.

How long does Fogging take?

As we mentioned earlier, the timeframe of our fogging service really does depend on the size of the area you wish to decontaminate. Small rooms or homes can be handled in minutes, whereas large commercial premises or schools can take much longer. Fortunately, fogging incurs minimal intrusion or disruption, so you can get on with your day as soon as it's completed.

How long does it last?

How long does Fogging last?

Fogging kills any virus that inhabits the area and comes into contact with the sanitising mist. Once the mist settles, and it has had enough time to do its job, it will soon disappear. You see, fogging is designed to decontaminate the area to sanitise and prevent outbreaks, but it doesn't last forever or act as a permanent fix.  If you want to know more about our services and what we can do for you, please contact us for a chat or a quote.
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