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Covid-19 Cleaning: What to Do if There’s a Case in Your Workplace

Covid-19 Cleaning: What to Do if There’s a Case in Your Workplace In response to the current Covid-19 coronavirus global crisis, everyone at Total Clean has been working tirelessly to help our commercial and residential clients stay safe and clean throughout the outbreak. At times like these, staying clean and hygienic is more important than ever. The Government and NHS have issued clear instructions for how we can all help to reduce the spread of the virus through thorough hand washing and containing our coughs and sneezes in a tissue or our elbows. However, where cases of the virus have emerged, a more complete cleaning approach is necessary. The virus can spread quickly through the air and can survive on, and be transferred by, touching contaminated surfaces. So, a deep clean is necessary to ensure all traces of the virus is eradicated from commercial, residential and public places where confirmed cases have been found or infected people have occupied or visited. Total Clean have been working with local authorities, businesses and residents to provide the highest possible level of deep cleaning services to properties and spaces affected by the Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak. When a case of Covid-19 coronavirus was discovered in a Borehamwood school last week a team of Total Clean professional cleaners were on hand to offer specialist Coronavirus deep cleaning services. Our deep cleans are performed to the high-quality recommended standards and industry guidelines to prevent further spreads of the Covid-19 coronavirus. Through our professional deep cleaning services, we were able to eradicate all traces of the Covid-19 coronavirus from the affected school. Meaning that the building was once again safe for people to enter and use without fear of contracting the virus from the air or surfaces. Press coverage of the Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak at the Hertfordshire school featured our Total Clean professional cleaners hard at work in their protective equipment eradicating the virus from the school. This Channel 4 News footage gives your an insight into how we go about our specialist deep cleans.

Covid-19 Cleaning - video

Because the Covid-19 coronavirus is a new virus, officials aren’t certain exactly how the disease spreads. However, it is understood that, as the Covid-19 coronavirus is contained in very small particles, the virus can be passed through droplets from people coughing and sneezing and can be transmitted through the air. Due to the virus being contained in small particles, a standard clean often won’t cut it. That’s why we’re offering our specialist deep cleaning services to affected commercial and residential properties at this time. In properties where there has been contact with the Covid-19 coronavirus, we use professional standard machinery to fog the area. Fogging is an incredibly efficient process of deep cleaning entire rooms with difficult to reach spaces. It’s also very effective at eradicating germs from porous surfaces such as tiled ceilings, carpets, soft furnishings, upholstery and children’s play areas. We use a mechanical fogging process to ensure coverage of the entire area. This specialised machinery produces a fine mist which sprays the sterilising fluid throughout the air. This approach means that not only is the airborne virus killed, but the virus particles settled on surfaces in the fogged area are also killed. Our specialist cleaners take the utmost care to ensure the safety of our staff and of our clients to reduce the spread of this dangerous virus. We make sure that all our staff are equipped with sterile disposable overalls, hats, masks, gloves and protective footwear. As the Covid-19 coronavirus continues to spread, deep cleans such as these will become more necessary to ensure traces of the virus are eradicated from spaces. While the Government has closed schools to the majority of students and ordered pubs, restaurants and other social spaces to close, there will still be a number of occasions when deep cleaning is necessary, particularly in domestic settings. That’s why we have extended our deep cleaning services to include residential and domestic settings. So we can do what we can to reduce the impact of the Covid-19 coronavirus and slow the spread of the pandemic. If you are in need of residential or domestic deep cleaning services, either due to a suspected instance of the Covid-19 coronavirus or to prepare ahead of the increased time you’ll be spending at home because of the Government recommended 12 weeks of working from home, Total Clean can help. Get in touch with us today to enquire about our commercial, residential or domestic Covid-19 coronavirus deep cleaning services.
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