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A Comprehensive Office Spring Cleaning Checklist

A Comprehensive Office Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring cleaning your office can feel like a daunting task. The cold winter months have passed and you need to start getting your office feeling brand new and refreshed for the year ahead. 

To help you get off to a running start, we’ve compiled this guide to break office spring cleaning down to its bare essentials so that you can complete your cleaning tasks effectively and safely. 

What is Spring Cleaning?

As the name suggests, spring cleaning generally occurs in the months of March and April and involves the thorough and effective cleaning of a space in order to declutter and get the office ready for a new year of work. 

After the colder months are over, you’ll find your energy has built back up again, improving the quality of your cleaning work. The warmer natural sunlight can also help to kill bacteria that has gathered over the winter months. 

Sunlight, after all, is a natural disinfectant, keeping your indoor air quality fresh and preventing damp from building up and attracting mould and fungal growth. 

The warmer months also bring their own set of problems, including seasonal allergies like hay fever. Spring cleaning allows you to get ahead of the curve and prepare for the health and hygiene challenges that come along with the summer. 

Office Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring cleaning is essentially a deep cleaning service, targeting all of the areas of your office that are generally overlooked in regular tasks to help breathe new life into your workspace and bring order to the chaos. 

Making sure you’ve got a routine to clean by is essential to making sure each room in your office gets the same high quality care. Do a little at a time and you’ll save yourself from getting overwhelmed and you will be able to pay closer attention to each area of your office. 

Kitchen Spring Cleaning Services

Kitchens are a busy and social place in the office where your employees will be preparing teas, coffees and lunches and spending some time building relationships with their colleagues. 

Spring cleaning your kitchen will help to refresh the space and retain an enjoyable and relaxing atmosphere away from the working areas of your office. A lot of kitchen spring cleaning processes will be focused around creating a hygienic food space and improving organisation and storage. 

  • Organise your fridge - Reorganise the fridge in your kitchen or break room so that food can be stocked safely. Make sure containers are clearly labelled. Avoid overstuffing the fridge though as if there’s too many items, the electronics may break down from having to work harder to keep air circulating.
  • Organise your cupboards - spend some time cleaning out your cupboards and giving your mugs, plates and dishes a wash. Some at the back of shelves may have been forgotten over the months and started to gather dust. Reorganise the shelves to make sure your crockery is neat and well-ordered.
  • Clean the microwave - clean out your microwave to remove traces of old food on the inside, giving the glass and the rotating dish a polish to help your microwave look brand new again. Our PAT service can help with ensuring your microwave is in optimal working condition.
  • Clean the toaster - clean out all the crumbs left behind from bread and clean the racks inside the toaster and the surface on the outside. Like with your microwave, we offer a PAT service to help maintain your toaster to avoid any accidents in the workplace.
  • Move appliances to clean behind them - a big part of deep spring cleaning is cleaning all the areas that are often ignored during the year. Move your microwave and fridge to clean the floor, walls and skirting boards behind them. Do the same with any furniture you may have in your kitchen.
  • Clean floor and surfaces - disinfecting your floors and surfaces will eliminate trace amounts of food bacteria and ensure stains are all cleaned to help your kitchen to continue looking professional and hygienic for food preparation.
  • Clean any tables and furniture - tables and furniture in your kitchen can be a breeding spot for germs. Wipe them down with the appropriate cleaners (for example, use a fabric cleaner on sofas and armchairs in the break room).

Washroom Spring Cleaning Services

Maintaining hygiene in your washroom is essential in protecting the health and safety of your employees. Washrooms also often get less natural light than other rooms in the office which means while spring cleaning, you won’t have the added benefit of sunlight to help in disinfection. 

  • Clean toilets - deep clean your toilets, including rims, seats and lids to remove any grime buildup. If you use a toilet freshener, replace it with a new one to help deodorise your washroom and keep harmful bacteria at bay. 
  • Clean cubicle doors and handles - cubicle doors and handles will acquire a lot of germs. These will be part of your regular cleans but are also vital for thorough spring cleaning. Disinfect knobs and latches and clean doors to remove stains.
  • Clean toilet roll dispensers - wipe down and polish toilet roll dispensers on the inside and the outside, maintaining their appearance and safeguarding employees from germs passed along from other people. Our janitorial supplies service will assist you in keeping your toilet roll stock levels up.
  • Clean soap dispensers - disinfect the hand pump on the dispenser so that the equipment can be used safely and make sure soap is refilled for your employees convenience. Through our janitorial supplies service, we will be able to provide a constant supply of soap and we will examine your dispenser regularly to ensure it works.
  • Clean sinks and taps - disinfect and polish sinks and taps to retain their shine and keep them hygienic to use. Remove any black slime from the top of the drain and around the edges of the sink and taps. Make sure to remove the limescale as well. This can be identified as a chalky, hard deposit, building up around taps where water has flowed, especially hot water.
  • Clean hand dryers - polish and disinfect your hand dryers and take advantage of our PAT service to ensure your hand dryer is in the best working condition. If it isn’t, we will help to repair and replace broken parts.
  • Carry out maintenance on dispensing machines - this same cleaning and PAT maintenance service can be used on sanitary dispensing machines in women’s bathrooms, ensuring equipment works properly and that feminine hygiene can be upheld and maintained for a longer span of time.
  • Clean surfaces and floors - clean up puddles, leaks and stains on washroom floors and the surfaces around sinks. This will help you to avoid water damage and a thorough disinfection process will ensure your washroom has a longer lifespan, providing protection against germ buildup. 

Office Reception Area Spring Cleaning Services

Your reception area will be the first place all employees and visitors see when they arrive at your office, making it vital that you take advantage of spring cleaning to restore its professionalism and make your office more attractive and appealing than ever. 

  • Clean windows - windows make a great first impression on visitors. Windows can get dirty during the winter season, due to rain, wind and cold weather causing damage and grime buildup. The longer days and warmer sunlight make it easier to clean windows. Remember to clean both the inside and outside of your windows.
  • Clean doors and door handles - due to the amount of traffic your office sees every day, it’s important to use spring cleaning to take the time and disinfect doors and door handles to prevent germs from spreading and keep your office looking professional and inviting.
  • Clean waiting areas - thoroughly clean chairs and coffee tables in the waiting area so that your visitors can relax in comfort while they’re waiting for their appointments. Remove stains from upholstery and use fabric cleaning methods to help chairs retain their colour and last longer. 
  • Clean floors and skirting boards - vacuum or mop floors depending on the type of floor you have in your reception area (carpet, wood, marble etc) and clean any dust, cobweb and grime buildup on your skirting boards. This will help you to improve your overall cleanliness for the coming months and boost your professional appearance.
  • Clean desks - keep the reception desk clean, tidy and well-organised so that your receptionist can always find documents easily and present an ordered and calm front to visitors, putting them in a positive frame of mind before their appointment with you. We will go into more detail about desk cleaning in the next section.
  • Replace plantlife - replace any wilted plants from previous seasons with fresh varieties, adding more vibrancy to your office and creating a soothing and peaceful atmosphere for customers and visitors. Keep pots clean and free of dirt to enhance their appearance and make sure to take care of your plants appropriately. 

Office Desk Spring Cleaning Services

Your employees’ office desks are the most important part of their working day as it will be where they’re spending the majority of their time. Keeping desks decluttered will improve their productivity and help them to focus on important tasks without getting distracted or stressed. 

Managing desks during spring cleaning will allow your employees to get themselves in a better frame of mind for the coming months and allow them to get a fresh start on their tasks and outlook at work. Encourage your employees to maintain these practices after establishing them during spring cleaning.

  • Organise computer wires - over the course of the year, the computer wires beneath the desk can easily become tangled and disorganised, taking up space in your leg room. Use spring cleaning to spend some time reorganising the wires and storing them more efficiently to maintain the neatness of your working area.
  • Clean computer - smudges from dirt and dust can affect the quality of your computer screen and hamper productivity. Use a damp cloth to clean off your screen to help it look clear and brand new. Be careful to check for scratches caused by dirt and make sure not to scratch the screen yourself during cleaning. 
  • Clean keyboard - Dirt buildup can cause keys to stick and stop working and if you eat snacks or lunch at your workstation, the crumbs can fall between the gaps, clogging up the keys and hampering the efficiency of your equipment. Clean out your keyboard and shake loose dirt and dust loose. We can help to replace computer keys and equipment where necessary.
  • Clean office phones - like with computer keyboards, make sure there’s no dirt buildup causing keys on your phone to stick or stop working and make sure to thoroughly disinfect the handset to eliminate germs. This is especially necessary if phones in your office are communal and used by a number of people as it will help to prevent viruses and illnesses from spreading.
  • Empty waste paper basket - after decluttering your desk of unnecessary papers, empty the waste paper basket. If necessary, clean out your waste paper basket before use, and help it to smell fresh and improve the appearance of your desk. 
  • Clean desk surface - Disinfect your desk surface to remove invisible germs and get rid of any stains left behind from food or ink that can affect the appearance of the surface. Use a soap and water cleaning solution to remove smudges left behind from oils on your skin.
  • Clean desk chair - clean and treat the upholstery with fabric cleaner to preserve the integrity of the material and prevent it from becoming damaged. This will help your desk chair to last longer, saving you money.
  • Clean other office equipment - Office equipment doesn’t just cover the equipment found on a desk. Set aside some time to clean printers, scanners and copiers in the office, removing smudges and ink stains and moving them out so you can clean behind them. We will help to examine your machinery to make sure everything is in optimal condition. 

Eco-Friendly Deep Spring Cleaning Services

All of our cleaning services are environmentally friendly, allowing us to carry out your spring cleaning needs safely without harming the environment or your employees. 

We use our own range of green cleaning supplies, Total Defence, which are tested and proven to be sustainable and reduce the amount of chemicals used in the  cleaning processes while also cutting down on plastic use by using refillable bottles. 

By using natural ingredients in our cleaning products, we can help to protect your employees from a number of health issues involving chemicals, including:

  • Chemical allergies
  • Respiratory problems
  • Skin rashes
  • Headaches 

Natural green products are also gentler to use on surfaces, causing less damage than chemicals. Your spring cleaning will be easier and healthier than ever with processes and supplies that protect your surfaces from unnecessary damage. 

Energy Saving Spring Cleaning

During spring cleaning, remember to clean out your air filters in your air conditioning systems and HVAC systems to ensure they are always working at their best. Dirty filters reduce air flow, making the equipment work harder to provide your office with clean air. 

Take advantage of natural sunlight and plants to find greener ways to keep your air fresh that allows you to conserve energy. House plants can be natural air fresheners, cleaning your oxygen and creating healthier conditions for your office. 

Water Saving Spring Cleaning

Due to the intensive nature of spring cleaning, it’s possible to use a lot of water. We practise a number of water saving processes to make spring cleaning better for the environment. 

Use less water while cleaning surfaces. Mops and cloths only need to be damp to do their job effectively and in any case, some surfaces can be damaged from too much exposure to water, especially wood. 

We also conserve water through our steam cleaning service for your office’s exteriors and when we clean windows through our revolutionary long-reach, water-fed pump system.

Sustainable Waste and Recycling Services

During spring cleaning, a lot of waste can build up from cleaning supplies and rubbish found in the workplace. 

Our waste collection service will help you to stay on top of the waste, collecting and disposing of it safely and properly to ensure your spring cleaning efforts are as sustainable as possible. This will include categorising your waste into the correct categories to limit damage to the environment and make the whole process smoother. 

With our green cleaning initiatives, we can help to reduce the amount of waste you produce and we will recycle and reuse all cleaning products and plastics where possible. This will help you to complete your spring cleaning with as few resources as possible while still being able to perform the intensive cleaning your office deserves. 

The Benefits of Office Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning your business doesn’t just help to refresh and revitalise your business. It also helps to improve the mental health and wellbeing of your employees, restoring their energy and positivity after the long winter and getting them in the best frame of mind for the year ahead. 

These benefits include:

  • Reducing stress and anxiety
  • Generating a positive mood
  • Keeping employees safe from allergies and health risks
  • Increasing focus during working hours
  • Fostering creativity
  • Encourages organisation

Keeping your employees educated on the health benefits of spring cleaning and the risks of a dirty office will make it easier than ever to protect your more vulnerable employees and create an inclusive and supportive workplace environment. 

As with any deep cleaning service, spring cleaning is a great way to complement your year-round cleaning practices. Encourage your employees to take part in the small activities needed to boost the health and hygiene of the office and we will ensure that you always have the resources you need to uphold the high standard of cleanliness introduced via spring cleaning. 

If you want to learn more about spring cleaning, you can check out our guide on the benefits of natural daylight in the office. Head on over to our deep cleaning services page to find out more about what we can offer you and get in touch for your free quote today.

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