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Why You Should Deep Clean in Autumn

Why You Should Deep Clean in Autumn

The hack to beating winter bugs.

A deep clean in Autumn can sound out of the ordinary, but it might just be the answer to avoiding that winter cold. Busy offices, schools, houses or even hospitals accumulate many types of germs in the summer. Once your immune system weakens in the winter, you are more likely to get ill. Giving your work or home space a deep clean (professional or do it yourself) in Autumn could have huge impacts on your health. Not convinced? Here are 5 reasons why a deep clean in autumn is better than in spring.

1. Results in a healthy working environment

Over time your office or home space become full of dust, dirt and even mould. This results in a hospitable environment for viruses and bacteria to grow. mop on wooden floor It is advisable to carry out a deep clean in your office, school or hospital at least twice a year. This type of thorough clean produces results which cannot be accomplished with an everyday clean - even with the most efficient cleaning operative! By cleaning, dusting and decluttering thoroughly, employees return to a healthier and happier environment. It also boosts productivity and helps to minimise sickness absence.

2. Improve allergies

Deep cleaning radiators and heaters can really help those with allergies. It is a well-known fact that central heating and sudden changes in temperature can make you ill. Dry air can cause sore throats and combined with the dust in your radiators, this could be problematic for asthma sufferers and even cause allergy flare-ups. A thorough deep clean of radiators in your workplace before using central heating will make all the difference in your employees’ health.

3. Better Cleaning

Deep cleans take care of hard to reach areas and spaces that are tricky to get to on a daily basis. Moving furniture around ensures that all corners and carpet areas are thoroughly cleaned and germ free. wet dry vacuum It also involves cleaning walls, cupboards, window frames and doors. Steam cleaning the carpets are a good way to get rid of built-up dirt and bring the colours back to life. The changing seasons also encourage mould and mildew to grow. Deep cleans are perfect to clean and sterilise before they become a real issue.

4. Boost employee productivity

Deep cleans are also a good opportunity to declutter and organise your workspace. This is a proven method of increasing productivity and minimising workplace accidents. computer desk For the 5 Steps guide to Clean and Organise your office visit our previous blog where we talk in detail about the most effective ways of decluttering your office.

5. Fresh smell

Carrying out a thorough deep clean will also scrub and polish your furniture, equipment, surfaces and floors, making them look like new. There’s nothing like walking in your workplace to smell clean and see a fresh, crisp environment, ready to take on the day. lemon tree The benefits of a deep clean improves health and well-being in the workplace. It is also really helpful in preventing illnesses. And of course, it smells and looks fantastic!
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