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5 Steps to Clean and Organise Your Office

5 Steps to Clean and Organise Your Office

Why should you organise your office?

An organised office is heavily linked to productivity and success at work. A clean desk contributes to remembering important jobs and tasks for the day. A clean office will keep employees happy and healthy in the workspace. A messy work environment will make it more difficult to notice hazards, escalating the risk of accidents. A clean desk policy requires office workers to clear and tidy their desks daily and it looks like more companies are adopting this policy. Total Clean The 5 tips to a clean office inspired from a professional office cleaning checklist will help you declutter your office in the most effective way.
  1. Office cleanup day - Start fresh

    A deep clean is always useful in an office environment. Take your time and empty your desk, including your drawers and shelves. Make sure you place them in neat piles either on the floor or in another room. Wipe down all surfaces, drawers and shelves. Don’t forget your desktop, keyboard and mouse. We talked about the importance of cleaning your keyboard in a recent article, read it here Cleaning Your Keyboard. Total Clean
  2. Purge

    Now your desk and shelves are clean and debris free, the next thing you want to do is to put all papers and files back as they were. Purge and sort everything, making sure you shred all sensitive material and organise the remaining documents to suit your filing system. You can organise the loose papers in filing cabinets, pockets or trays. The purpose of the purge is to have a clutter free workspace, where your work can flow naturally and easily.
  3. Organise your stationery

    Total Clean Once you have finalised purging your files and doing an inventory it’s now time to find a home for them. Using dividers, labels and baskets restore some order back in your office. Organise all files, folders, boxes, pens and highlighters. Knowing where everything is will make your workflow easier and more productive.
  4. Don’t forget about the public areas in your office

    The last thing you want is for a customer or a client to walk in for a meeting and be greeted with a messy public area. First impressions are very important which is why all areas of the office must be treated with the same care and attention. Total Clean

    A few things to look out for are:

    - Make sure the sofa or any seating areas are free of dust and crumbs - Dust the furniture, shelves, bookcases and blinds - Wipe down all windows and mirrors to remove any fingerprints and smudges - Hoover the carpet and mop the floor - Use a magazine rack to organise all reading materials and make sure you throw away any stained or old magazines
  5. Clean and organise the break room

    Usually, food is either prepared or stored in the break room which means that all employees are responsible for keeping the space clean and tidy. A clean and tidy break room can work wonders for employee morale. How to keep your break room clean and tidy: - Make sure the fridge is clutter free. Throw out any old food and give it a wipe regularly. - All counter tops, tables and sides should be wiped with a disinfectant daily to prevent any bacteria growth - The sink should be wiped and kept clear and clean at all times. The dish drain should be kept dry to prevent mildew. - Give the microwave a quick wipe after every use to keep it clean for everyone’s enjoyment. And that’s it. Enjoy your clutter free workspace!
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