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Creative Office Cleaning Tips

A clean and organised work environment is fundamental to boost productivity. What would your clients and prospects think if they walked into your office to find clusters of paper work everywhere, dirty carpets and disorganised tables? If I walked into such an office and I would turn back and leave straight away and I bet you would too. With that mind set I'll share with you some easy to execute office cleaning tips to help keep your office sparkling clean at all time, be it a town office or a home office. Generally town offices are cleaned by professional office cleaning companies but there are certain things that can be done to help improve the cleanliness of these work places. This first tip might sound obsolete but you would be surprised how many offices still haven't applied it to their work environment. Reduce paper clutter by bringing in a digital filing system. It’s likely your business already has a network, and that’s a great starting point. Next comes a complete overhaul of the network’s file structure. This will take some time and careful consideration. A general rule-of-thumb is that an effective digital file system – when compartmentalized – reflects exactly how the business is organised and leaves room for future amendment and likely change. Create a cleaning and organisation inspection team, the idea here is to nominate two or three employees, depending on the size of your workforce, to go around the office inspecting tables and drawers. This inspection team should report directly to the office manager or to you. They should give out warnings for those who don't keep their workstation organised and then issue penalties. That way you will incite your workers to keep their tables and drawers organised at all times. For home office workers you will have to be your own inspectors, even though you might not get anyone visiting your office. Remember what was said in the beginning of this article - A clean and organised workplace boosts productivity. Incite recycling by adding recycling bins in your office's kitchen and around the office. Pick a day of the week to do a "Paper recycling day". You can use the cleaning and organization inspection team to go around the office asking for people to get rid of old paper work that won't be filed. Professional help As my last piece of advice, I would recommend you seek professional help to enhance even further the cleanliness and hygiene of your office. Hire an office cleaning company and let them to do the dirty work for you. Got any office cleaning tips you would like to share with our readers. Do not hesitate to leave them in our comments section below.
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