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Why outsource your cleaning services?

Paying a third party like total cleaning services to provide  cleaning services can save much time and money.

For the small business, employing contract cleaners is probably the easiest and most hassle-free way of getting the job done.

Using in-house cleaners, ones you employ yourself, may be preferable but is more difficult to control from a financial viewpoint. Putting out work for tendering, the process of asking people to make offers to do that work, will also help you to get value for money.

If you contract out you have more time to think about your core responsibilities and concentrate on the business in hand. Using a contract team for cleaning eliminates the problem of recruiting and training staff.

Total Clean services  can find the right cleaners to meet your specifications. We take the time to find out about the needs of your company and find the more appropriately trained staff with the correct equipment. They will also know more about health and safety requirements concerning their job.

Decide what exactly needs to be cleaned: the full office, or only some of it? Windows? Computer equipment? do the carpets need cleaning or even heaven forbid need treatment for pests.

And contact us for a quote on your Office Cleaning London.

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