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The Best Cleaning Methods to Protect Against Bacteria and Viruses

The Best Cleaning Methods to Protect Against Bacteria and Viruses Understanding the difference between bacteria or virus not only helps you to recover, but it also helps you to understand the cleaning process to kill both before they can contaminate further.  We will break down the subtle difference between the two and give you tips on approaching your cleaning process and the products that will ensure your homes or office spaces are left clear of harmful bacteria and viruses. 


Bacteria is a free-living cell that can live on and off the body and doesn’t require a living host. Not all bacteria are harmful. We are surrounded by bacteria, have it living inside us, helping us to process food; bacteria can not only be good but, be necessary to our health and survival. However, some bacteria aren’t good for us, and that is what we want to prepare you to deal with. Unfortunately, both bacteria and viruses are invisible to the eye, making it impossible to look out for.  Total Clean


A virus is a non-living molecule that requires a host to survive. There is no such thing as a good virus. However, there are a lot of viruses that do not affect humans. Some will infect plants, other animals, but unfortunately, a virus can sometimes evolve.  For example, some varieties of flu started in birds and pigs, and there is also a high chance that Covid-19 originally came from bats and evolved to enable the virus to survive and reproduce on a human host. Total Clean

How to clean and make safe your potentially infected areas

It can sometimes be challenging to know if your infection has been bacteria or virus-based. Being prepared to clean for both is imperative.  The three main areas you need to think about are sterilisation, disinfection and sanitisation. If you can get a handle on all three of these, then you will stand a far better chance of a thorough clean and no cross-contamination. 


To achieve maximum decontamination through sterilisation, you are better off bringing in professionals. They have the machinery and products that will be the most effective to all forms of virus and bacteria. A professional cleaning company will be able to clean surfaces of all potential threats as well as spores and airborne particles that could potentially cause an infection. 


Disinfection is the process of eliminating harmful organisms from surfaces. This is usually achieved through spraying a surface with the correct disinfectant, wiping it down and giving it time to destroy the bacterial or virus upon it.  You can purchase various sprays to help you achieve this but just beware that not all sprays will be effective against both bacteria and viral contaminations. 


You can successfully achieve good sanitisation by once again using a duel use cleaning product. By duel use, we mean something that will kill both bacteria and viral spores at the same time as cleaning your surfaces.  Duel cleaning and sanitising products are freely available and can be purchased with ease. But, again, just make sure that it isn’t a simple anti-bacterial spray, as that will not remove any potentially harmful virus which the surface has been infected with. 


If you are worried about a potentially harmful virus, such as Covid-19, spreading in your home or workplace, or you have had an outbreak, then fogging is your best answer to sterilise the area thoroughly, including any airborne particles. We have a lot more about fogging in this article Total Clean

What to look out for in your cleaning products

It can be pretty overwhelming when looking for suitable products. There are, however, a few things you can look out for. 

Contact times

Each product should inform you of how long you need to leave the liquid for maximum sanitising. It should be clearly noted on the product label, which could be on the back or front of the container.  There are some that may require longer exposure times, meaning that you won’t have use of the area or space for that time period. 

Product codes

For antibacterial liquids, you should look for the codes BS EN 1276 or BS EN 13697. For antiviral liquids, you should look for the codes BS EN 14476 or BS EN 16777. These codes mean that the disinfectant has passed all tests and timeframes and will be able to do the job required.  Total Clean

Our recommended products

As a professional cleaning service operating daily in medical establishments across the UK that requires the utmost level of hygiene, we have honed our knowledge and expertise over the 30 plus years in business and can help you make the right choice for your disinfection needs.  Total Clean has its own exclusive Total Defence product range of carefully selected medical-grade products that cover all situations and will give you the best chance for successful sanitation of your home or work environment, and peace of mind that you are using the best possible products to keep your family or staff clear of cross-contamination.  Contact us for a competitive quote and begin to benefit from the exclusive services and products we offer. Total Clean
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