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Useful Everyday Cleaning Tips!

Here are some general tips for cleaning, because you never know...
  • Permanent marker on your favourite top or shirt...The solution, a squirt of hairspray, with a wipe of a cloth and the stain has gone.
  • Getting rid of those annoying window smears. After cleaning your windows wipe them with a scrunched newspaper and all smears should disappear.
  • Not keen on the shiny effect on your suit trousers?... Then wipe a damp tea bag over the seat of your trousers. Preferably without wearing them, otherwise you might get a few strange looks!
  • Remove sticky label residue effectively, by sprinkling a little talcum powder on the sticky area and rub it with a dry cloth.
  • Now here's a good one! Ever heard of polishing your shoes with fruit? You have now. Apparently, a cost-effective way of shining your shoes is to use a banana, yes really. Use the soft, inner skin to polish leather shoes. Wipe it softly over, then buff.
  • And finally...Removing water stains from polished wood not as convenient as the other tips but effective! Smear olive oil or vegetable oil over the stain and then, using a generous amount of cigarette ash, rub to a paste with oil. Leave overnight if the stain is old, otherwise wipe clean with polish!
I hope these tips come in useful to you!
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