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Office Cleaning – Making the Right Decision

10 facts about Office Cleaning London - Making the right decision

  1. Every business in London's City and West End region is very different by means of the type of building and the materials which compose it, and also by their interior layout and design. Taking time to speak to companies in person about what you as a business need from a cleaning company should give you an idea if you are going to be a client who is cared for or a number in their books.
  2. Some cleaning companies may push towards their own availability when discussing times and days for their cleaners to visit your business. Make sure that when you decide which company you trust to carry out your office cleaning they can also accommodate to your business' specific needs when it comes to cleaning hours.
  3. "I have a large corporate office, I need a large corporate cleaning firm". This statement is far from the truth if you are among the largest customers of an SME (small-medium enterprise) cleaning company you should notice a much more personal and caring approach towards your business.
  4. Be sure to challenge office cleaning salespeople on the vetting and training processes that they employ. Nearly half of the cleaning staff in London are illegal immigrants and security for your business and your staff should always remain a priority.
  5. Changing Cleaning Companies - Too many people have the thought in their minds that making a change in cleaning company will cause so much fuss in the office that it may have counterproductive effects on their staff during a changeover. It is no different from the permanent fixture staff leaving at 17:30 and coming back the next morning to start work again. If you are not happy with your service - change it!
  6. Bespoke cleaning options - Bearing in mind that a recent survey shows 60 percent of office staff have had a cold in the last 3 months it is important that as a business owner you recognise the causes and take action to reduce the sickness rate in your office. Believe it or not, this is thought to be caused by germs both in keyboards and on computer screens rather than just by the air conditioning units. Customising cleaning services is not just what type of floor you have and the time of day most convenient to have the cleaners in but also the things you see as being important that may otherwise be left out of a contract. If not make sure your staff clean their own every couple of months by providing the correct computer cleaning materials.
  7. Janitorial Supplies - Paying a separate company to deliver your towels and soaps? why not club together with your cleaning company to drive down the cost of supplies.
  8. Too many separate contracts? - Many cleaning service providers will only concentrate on their core work of cleaning. They may not include the re-supply of materials for washrooms or the disposal of general/sanitary waste. Finding a company who can shoulder this responsibility can free up some valuable time in-house.
  9. Do you often see supervisors scrutinising the work of your cleaners? - If the answer to this is no then you should strongly consider looking for an alternative service provider who takes pride in quality. If the cleaners themselves know their work will not be checked by their own bosses, what would drive them to work to the highest possible standard.
  10. Here at Total Clean, we offer all of the above to any size business in central London and the West End regions. We can offer this advice to all business owners because we are confident we can meet the above expectations based on our existing client base and their ever-increasing confidence in our ability to provide a first-class service. Please contact us for references.
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