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How often carpet cleaning services should be hired?

At home or at work carpets are constantly bombarded with all sorts of dirt such as soil, grit and oily residue which can cause wear, reducing a carpets life. Professional carpet cleaning services won't protect your carpets from all those threats but when done regularly it can increase the carpet's life considerably.

That leads us to the question: How often carpet cleaning services should be hired? A precise answer to that question will depend on a series of factors such as the location of the carpet, the type of environment it is in (shops, houses, factory offices, etc), type of dirt it collects, carpet's material and a few other factors. Lets consider first household carpets. Depending on the carpet's material it is advisable to hire professional carpet cleaners to do the job. Vegetable-based fibres like cotton and sisal need special care to make them look good at all times. At home simple procedures like removing outdoor shoes on the entrance, regular vacuuming and instant stain removal are the most effective ways of making carpets clean. But tougher stains such as red wine and blood might require the professional expertises of a carpet cleaning company. Bonus Tip To remove signage marks of accidental cigarette burns in a woollen carpet rub the area with a coin. For businesses carpet cleaning this gets a little more complicated. You can’t ask your clients and prospects to remove their shoes when they walk into your business. So regular carpet cleaning must be scheduled. Professional carpet cleaning services goes beyond vacuuming as they can remove tough stains such as heavy soiling, oily residues and other chemical spills. The cleaning frequency will depend on the type of business the carpets are in. For instance carpets in offices are less likely to get dirty as opposed to carpets located in factory offices, specially in the production area where workers come and go with their feet dirty with residues from the production area. For downtown carpet offices scheduling a cleaning service twice a month should be more than enough to keep them clean but for factory offices and other businesses it is advisable to do it on a weekly basis. How often to require carpet cleaning services? Share your experience with others in our comments section.
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