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Five Cleaning Super-Tips That Will Change the Way You Tackle Stains

Tackling stains is easy in this day and age - there's a cleaning product for just about every situation! That said, there will always be times when you need to get your 'A-Team' on, and remedy that blemish with items that you'll have in your home or office; be it when you're strapped for time, or after the shops have shut. Which is why we've rounded up five great tips that help you get the better of notoriously tough spills and stains with items you'll have around the house already! 1. Spilling a glass of red wine is just about everyone's cleaning nightmare. A quick solution of equal measures washing-up liquid and hydrogen peroxide is just the one-two combo you need to get your floor back to it's best. 2. Pen ink - despite lids and retractable nibs, put one in your pocket and it will get everywhere. And few worse places can be on something  made out of leather, whether that's shoes, purses, wallets or bags. One handy tip is to lightly spray the effected area with common hairspray and rub gently as it's drying. The chemicals in the spray lightly break down the ink, but in small amounts won't damage the leather. 3. Speaking of leather, if you need to touch up your shoes before a meeting but didn't want to risk the potential disaster of putting shoe polish in your handbag or suitcase, a little dab of conditioner from the hotel bathrom or your own personal washbag adds a comparable shine. 4. Wine glasses are often a point of pride for anyone who loves to host company - but what about the stains that accompany them, like lipstick? A little salt rubbed on to the stain can work wonders, breaking down makeup stains and wine, before a regular wash in the sink or dishwasher takes care of the rest. 5. Stains on anything silver can be smoothed off with any household toothpaste, but be wary of going overboard - too much applied too hard will damage silver plate, and will take the sheen off anything sterling silver.

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