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Cleaning Your Classroom in the Age of Covid

Cleaning Your Classroom in the Age of Covid With the country reopening and schools, colleges and universities all getting back into full swing, we want to help you make sure that the return is as painless as possible in these uncertain times.  With the dwindling numbers of Coronavirus cases, we have taken a stance of prevention is better than cure and want to share that with you. We want to provide you with a selection of handy cleaning tips that will help keep your education centres squeaky clean and infection-free while easing the minds of both students and staff within your domain. 

Being prepared with hygiene supplies

Being prepared is an imperative aspect of keeping everything and everyone clean and sanitised. Students and staff may forget either masks or sanitiser etc., on their early morning journeys to your education facility. Being prepared with both spare masks and hand sanitisers in every classroom will ensure minimal disruption. The last thing you want is for anyone to have to return home for not bringing their mask. Public transport, which many students rely on, can be an issue and a stressful experience as there is a lot of close contact. Plus, if they live a reasonable distance away, it can cause a lot of distress and disruption when missing valuable hours in the classroom. Total Clean

Constant reminders

Putting up posters is okay as reminders go, but as soon as people get used to them, they will blend into the background and, although they will still be on the walls, they will no longer be noticed. The best way to remind your staff and students is through clear, concise instructions and reminders.  Reminding the students to clean hands and wear masks when entering and leaving the classrooms will make sure that they remember to up their hygiene game daily and alleviate some of the stress of constantly remembering to sanitise their hands.  Total Clean

Increasing your cleaning schedule

With all the human traffic appearing again, we recommend you increase your regular cleaning schedule. Adding extra cleaning sessions midday can help alleviate any potential cross-contamination from those potentially carrying the virus and spreading it in high traffic areas or classrooms. Corridors, stairs, classroom chairs and desks should all be given extra attention. You could potentially request that the students spray down their seats and tables after use before leaving the classroom every lesson. That will provide you with the highest possible chance to avoid cross-contamination.  Total Clean

Consider hiring a professional cleaning company

If you want that extra peace of mind, you can hire a professional and well-versed cleaning contractor such as Total Clean to ensure no stone is unturned. Professional cleaners are not only your best option, as they have the experience and knowledge to make sure nothing is missed, but they also have top of the range equipment on hand to get the job done well and quickly. An extensive professional service like ours also offers you enhanced preventative options and reactive services such as fogging should you have an outbreak. These pros will make sure that the cleaning is completed in a timely and non-obtrusive manner, meaning that you can get on with educating your students with minimal downtime, and rest easy knowing that your school and environment are being cared for by the very best!   Total Clean
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