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Office Equipment Cleaning

Office Equipment Cleaning Service London

While working at the office, the equipment you’ll touch the most is your computer and your telephone. Your office equipment is a good place for germs to gather especially if you hotdesk and keeping these items clean is essential.

Benefits of Our Cleaning Service

It is possible for up to 400 times more bacteria to be living on the average desk than a toilet seat and 60% of work-related illnesses are because people are catching germs from dirty office equipment.

Our thirty plus years of experience mean we can help you to defend better against the spread of bacteria in the workplace, making your office healthier, more presentable and a happier environment to work in.

Keeping your desk clean reduces office equipment failure and lowers the risk of infection. This makes your office operate at optimum efficiency, improving productivity and reducing absenteeism.

Office Desk Hotspots

Your office desk is where you spend most of your time when you’re at work so it’s important to keep the area clean, organised and well-managed. Computers, phones, keyboards and pens can gather a lot of germs from their high usage.

Ways to combat a buildup of bacteria is to reduce how much you hotdesk (share your desk with other people). This means you are the only one using your equipment so it lowers the risk of spreading germs.

You will have to stay on top of dirt buildup though. For instance, too much dirt in a keyboard can make the keys stick and not work properly, meaning you are less productive during a working day.

Photocopiers are unavoidably used by everyone though so make sure it is wiped down at the end of the working day so it is clean and ready to use for the next day.

Reduce Eating at Your Desk

It is very common for people to eat at their desk during the working day. Perhaps you’re having a snack or you ran out of time to have a proper lunch break so you’re eating on the go. Crumbs can get all over your desk, allowing it to become a breeding ground for food related germs.

It is important to clean up as you go and get rid of any waste into a bin but you could also help prevent germs spreading by reducing the time spent eating at your desk. It is important to remain fuelled during the day but separating lunch from work means you enjoy your lunch more, putting you in a better frame of mind and it means you’re focusing on your work, leading you to being more productive.

Office equipment is at the centre of your day to day working life so it’s important to take good care of them in order to make sure you are in a good headspace to work and are being as productive as possible.

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"Always a wonderful experience with Total Clean! Extremely happy with their amazing fogging service to ensure our clinic has always been and will remain COVID-secure."

Dr Rasha Clinic
Sarah Khalifa

"Very happy with Total Clean - they provided us with a fogging service which was carried out very efficiently. The whole Total Clean Team were very polite & easy to deal with."

Sujita Patel
Sunflower Healthcare

"I have never worked with such a wonderful cleaning company. Total Clean are so professional and friendly and go the extra mile without a moment’s hesitation. You should be incredibly proud of what you have created here. "

Dianne Meyer

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