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Retail, Gym and Leisure Cleaning

Retail, Gym and Leisure Cleaning London

Retail and leisure centres are a big part of peoples’ lives. Keeping your retail shops and leisure facilities like health clubs, sports clubs and swimming pools in optimum condition will help you acquire more customers. We are the perfect leisure facility cleaning company to help you look professional, stay healthy and entice more customers through your door.

Maintaining Your Business

You are first and foremost a business that needs to survive, prosper and grow. For you, generating business and building your brand to draw in more customers is essential. You will also want to maintain a quality your existing clientele is used to, which is where we come in.

With our thirty plus years of experience, we will make sure your shop, gym or leisure centre is always clean and in peak condition. This will help to increase your reputation and maintain the trust already in place between you and your pre-existing customers. Leisure centre cleaning also increases your presentability, making you look more professional and potentially encouraging new customers to check you out.

Managing the Spread of Germs

Shops, gyms and leisure centres are all high traffic areas due to the number of customers coming in and out throughout the day. This makes cleaning essential to keep the risk of germs spreading to a minimum.

A leisure facility cleaning service protects your staff and customers and keeps your premises in optimum condition. Your peace of mind is vital, and we are here to help you keep on top of all the hotspots in your facility, like changing rooms and gym equipment. This will alleviate any stress on you and your staff and make the working day more enjoyable for you and safer for your customers.

A Tailored and Cost-Effective Contract

Due to the daily high work demand of your business, we appreciate that finding a suitable cleaning company can be tricky. Our tailored contracts mean that whatever your requirements or problems, we can work around you.

Your long hours means that we can come at the end of a day when you’ve closed and provide leisure cleaning services at a time which is beneficial to you. We save you money and time, giving you the ability to operate your business without worrying about us getting under foot.

Deep Cleaning Service

One of the many ways we can help you is through our deep clean service. This is the perfect method for pulling up all the grime in the forgotten nooks and crannies of your facility and maintains the professional appearance of your business.

Retail and leisure cleaning services will help you to look like a more appealing choice to future and existing customers while also making sure you are germ free and operating at industry standards.

Deep Cleaning

Additional Services

In order to maintain the appearance of your gym, shop or leisure centre, we can carry out a range of complementary services to keep you looking your best. This includes window cleaning and floor polishing that helps to give your business that extra bit of shine. Customer satisfaction is the name of the game and paying attention to all the little details of a leisure centre cleaning will put you head and shoulders above the rest.

What clients are saying

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"I have never worked with such a wonderful cleaning company. Total Clean are so professional and friendly and go the extra mile without a moment’s hesitation. You should be incredibly proud of what you have created here. "

Dianne Meyer

"I just wanted to send you a quick email to say that we are very impressed with the standard of cleaning that we are receiving."

Ashleigh Cornell
Dean & Wood

"I am happy to report that we are very happy with the service provided, the standard of cleaning is very high and we have never had reason to complain about the high standard of service that we receive."

Levi Springer
East Lancashire Medical Services

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