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Your Guide to Cleaning a Leather Office Chair

Your Guide to Cleaning a Leather Office Chair

It’s always important for every aspect of your office to look clean and professional both to maintain a happy and productive working atmosphere and to make a good impression on visiting clients. 

Leather office chairs are an important detail in giving your office that overall polished look but leather is a tricky material that needs the right care to keep it looking its best for longer. Read on for our guide on the best ways to clean your leather office chair so that you can continue to work in the best conditions possible. 

Cleaning Faux Leather Office Chairs

The first thing to identify before you clean your office chair is to determine what type of leather it is. Faux leather or PU leather is synthetic, making it different to real leather like cowhide. 

This can change the cleaning process slightly so it’s important to make sure you’re cleaning the right material in the right way. 

Faux leather is often softer than real leather and while smoother, isn’t as durable which means it’s important to take a lot of care so that you can prolong your office chair’s lifespan and keep it looking as new as ever. 

Cleaning Real Leather Office Chairs

Compared to synthetic leather, real leather is a lot stiffer and lasts longer. 

It can be made out of a variety of different materials. The most popular form of leather is cowhide though you can also get leather office chairs made out of goat skin and buffalo skin, the latter not being as common. 

Because of the special, unique material that goes into making real leather chairs, it is important to take the right level of care so that the leather doesn’t dry out and split. Too much water in the cleaning will cause wear and tear for example and it’s important that your chair is always looking its best. 

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Leather Chair Cleaning Methods

There are a few different ways to clean a leather office chair to make sure it’s well protected from damage and kept smooth, unbroken and supple for a longer time. 

Hoovering Your Chair

The first thing you should do before starting to properly clean your leather office chair is hoover it. 

Hoovering gets rid of any loose dust and dirt which, if left unattended, could get ground into the leather when you sit on it or wash it, accelerating the wear and tear of the leather and shortening its lifespan. 

Use a soft brush to avoid putting the leather under too much stress and make sure you get in and around all the crevasses of the seat.

Soap and Water

One of the most basic methods is the classic soap and water. 

The trick here is to not put too much liquid on the leather. Fill a bowl with soapy water and dip in a cloth. Make sure it’s wrung out so that it is merely damp instead of soaking and then apply it gently to the leather, lightly wiping it down. 

Repeat the process as many times as you need to. Wiping down the chair the next day will help too. Simply leave it overnight, then wipe it down with a fresh cloth to acquire that polished, even finish. 

You can also substitute the soap for vinegar which is a great option for lifting out stains and giving your leather office chair a natural shine. 

Leather Conditioning

One of the best ways to treat leather is with a special conditioner that keeps the leather moist and supple to prevent cracking. 

There are multiple types of leather conditioner out there for you to apply to your office chair. Some are natural conditioners like mink oil and some are synthetically manufactured like Lexol. The latter has proven beneficial to leather furniture due to being a lighter oil that is absorbed into the seat. 

There are also leather creams and leather waxes available, giving you plenty of variety in choosing the best course in taking care of your leather office chair. 

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Alternative Cleaning Methods

The above methods are very traditional ways to clean your leather office chair but there are plenty of alternative solutions that can get the job done just as well. 

  • Lemon juice and cream of tartar - this is a great way to fix discolourations in your leather and keep it looking good as new for longer.
  • Vinegar and olive oil - we mentioned vinegar earlier on but it can also be paired with olive oil and sprayed evenly over the surface to both clean the leather and lift up stains.
  • Baking Soda - a tried and true cleaning hack, baking soda is a great way to loosen up any greasy stains that may have come from food on your lunch break.
  • Rubbing Alcohol - this is useful for cleaning up ink stains and leaving your leather office chair looking as professional as ever. 

Cleaning your leather office chair is a great way to add a bit more appeal for your clients, increasing their trust in you as a reputable and professional company. It also helps to protect your chair and keep it from being damaged. A clean workspace increases productivity and a clean office chair is a great way to help you along in reaching that goal. 

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