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Why Your Business Needs Office Deep Cleaning Services

Why Your Business Needs Office Deep Cleaning Services

Every office is unique, and the businesses within them have their own goals and priorities. And while the majority of priorities will revolve around business operations, hygiene and the quality of the working environment should never slip below a reasonable standard. For this reason, office deep cleaning is crucial for every business and something that, if neglected, can impact a company in several ways.

In this post, we’ll highlight a few key reasons why businesses should invest in deep cleaning at least a few times a year.

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The Covid Factor

We might as well start with the elephant in the room. Covid-19 whipped up quite the global storm, and the world is slowly but surely on the recovery path. 

However, just because the fear surrounding covid has calmed down a bit, you shouldn’t slack off on the hygiene front. Daily cleaning of workstations and areas with higher foot traffic should be a key focus - with precautions such as hand sanitiser stations in place. Come on; you know the drill!

But deep cleaning also plays a vital role in protecting from covid and peace of mind. Simply put, an unclean office not only encourages hygiene and potential health issues but also can make employees and clients feel nervous due to Covid-19. None of which is good for your business.

Deep Cleaning Reduces Sick Days

Deep cleaning is beneficial for many reasons. One reason is a reduction in sick days because where there’s good hygiene, there’s less opportunity for germs, bacteria, and illness to spread. Reducing sick days instantly positively impacts the workplace as it maximises productivity, efficiency and morale and gives employees peace of mind knowing their employer prioritises their wellbeing. 

This isn’t to say that deep cleaning services will transform your office into an impenetrable quarantine zone, but it goes a long way to protecting everyone who enters it. Germs, bacteria, and viruses are easily spread in close-knit environments such as an office — meaning it’s essential for companies to do everything possible to prevent it. A combination of cleaning at the end of every day and deep cleaning two or three times a year is an effective method of achieving this.

A Dirty Office is Off-Putting

Let’s be honest, a dirty workplace is not only unnecessary and completely avoidable, but it’s pretty disgusting too. Neglecting office hygiene and maintenance impacts your company in many ways, both internally and externally. A clean and safe office conveys the message that a company values its employees' health, wellbeing, and sense of pride in their workplace. Being neglectful in this regard can lead to increased sick days, reduced morale, and even affect employee retention. The latter is especially crucial when you consider the benefit of long-term employees for brand success and growth.

Externally, the sentiment remains the same. If clients or stakeholders enter your office to find it unclean and untidy, well, it’s safe to say there will be concerns and apprehension. Having confidence in a company is somewhat of a full package deal that goes beyond their work. Your brand needs to look, feel, and operate in a way that appeals to and satisfies people, whether it’s everyday customers or anyone else. A clean office looks professional and gives a fantastic first impression, and we all know how crucial a first impression is.

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It’s Cost-Effective in the Long-Term

Although deep cleaning costs money, it’s a worthy investment for its benefits and saves you a lot of money in the long run. Neglecting to clean and maintain your office to a high standard increases the likelihood of wear and tear to furniture, flooring, equipment and much more. All of which will need to be replaced more often if they’re in an unclean office and regularly in contact with dust, dirt, and a range of substances.

This can be incredibly costly when specialist equipment or everyday electronics such as computers are compromised due to poor hygiene and maintenance. Increasing equipment lifespan is a hugely effective way of cutting costs and ensuring maximum value for investment. Every company is different; for some, regularly repairing or replacing things around the office simply isn’t an option.

Appeal to Potential Hires

A potential employee walking through your office can gain a lot of information about your company, ideology, employees, and much more. Many businesses are back in the office full time or a hybrid approach of office and remote work. For companies conducting interviews in the office, deep cleaning is essential for making an excellent first impression with candidates. Remember, an interview is a two-way street. Just because you want to hire them, it doesn’t mean they will accept the role, especially if the office isn’t somewhere they would be proud to work.

Put yourself in their shoes. You’re walking through an unclean, untidy, or run-down office space. It’s offputting and shows that your company is disorganised, lacks motivation, and does not care about its image. Is this somewhere you would be proud to work and be happy to spend lots of time?

Mental Health

A dirty and cluttered workspace can contribute to low morale, frustration, anxiety and prolonged stress. Human beings are very much influenced by their environment, both physically and mentally. If your employees’ environment leaves a lot to be desired and clutter makes everyday tasks more difficult, you can see why a person’s mental health may begin to suffer.

People should come to work and be proud of their workspace, be energised for the day ahead, and generally just be happy. While many different aspects contribute towards this, you can help by ensuring the office is deep cleaned a few times a year.

Is your office in need of professional deep cleaning? Don’t worry; you’re in the right place. Total Clean is an experienced and knowledgable cleaning company that provides specialist services to a wide range of industries. Get in touch today to discuss your office’s cleaning requirements.

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