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Total Clean On Nick Knowles Big House Clear Out

Total Clean On Nick Knowles Big House Clear Out

Nick Knowles is known for helping out families on programs like DIY SOS. One family from Surrey was struggling with clutter when they reached out to Channel 5 programme Nick Knowles' Big House Clear Out. Nick Knowles described the house as ‘bursting at the seems’.   

The Clutter was taking over the family's life Kelly saying:  ‘I’d rather be anywhere other than in the house, it really gets me down’. 

Paul, Kelly’s husband, also mentioned that ‘the kids are being robbed of their childhood.’

The family of four were desperate for a change and the first stage was to get rid of the clutter, which included 262 boxes filled with clutter and amounted to 6 truck loads.

After removing around 75% of their belongings with the help of Nick and his team, the home needed an obvious refurbishment. Which was done in secrecy while the family sorted their belongings. One key component of bringing the original character back to the home was to get rid of the ghastly carpets.

When the carpets were removed, a stunning original vinyl tiled floor was revealed. However, it was in a sorry state.  

That’s where we at Total Clean come in! When this enquiry was made we immediately wanted to help. We knew how hard it would be to carry out this restoration task. But we had to help the family, so we used our specialised Total Defence range of Floor Cleaners and our specialist equipment to carry out the task. 

You can see our employees, including company Director Carlos, in the program working hard to restore the wonderful tiled floor. With our honed skills, we were able to help restore the tile floor to its natural beauty. We even had help from Nick Knowles himself. 

The clients weren’t the only ones who were amazed by the transformation, with one Twitter user saying,

‘What a transformation by an amazing team in such a short time.’ and another saying ‘lovely new rooms - a very lucky family.’

Here at Total Clean we are proud to have helped this family increase their home's value from £270,000 to £300,000. Furthermore, the family was overwhelmed by the transformation. We are also proud that we have the ability to help our local community and will continue to do so in such trying times.

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