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Total Clean Football Club | Staff Wellbeing

Total Clean Football Club | Staff Wellbeing

We have recently formed “Total Clean Football Club” for all our staff to enjoy and participate in. The team is managed by Christian Parreno, one of our Area Managers.

The Total Clean team has entered the “Liga Master” league for a second year and is looking strong at the moment...We’re hoping for a top finish in the next few weeks and possibly even a cup! We wish our Total Clean Football team the very best over the next few weeks and hope they bring a trophy home! At Total Clean, we like to encourage the development of positive and varied team driven recreational activities for our fabulous workforce and we are always looking for ways to develop team building strategies between employees, both old and new.

It’s good for wellbeing and motivation and is good for relieving stress after a hard working day.

Successful work teams have excellent communication and a good team spirit. And the football pitch is a great way to practise both these skills! Total Clean football team

Outside of business hours, sports activities are known to be very effective in

  • Building team spirit
  • Helping interpersonal relationships
  • Improving health and concentration

Harnessing our company ethos through teamwork is definitely a winner!

Good luck to our football team in the last stages of this year’s league, See you at the touchline cheering on Total Clean!
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