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Tips on Cleaning Office Equipment

Tips on Cleaning Office Equipment

Office equipment cleaning services focus on maintaining and cleaning various types of office equipment and machinery, including computers, printers, fax machines, photocopiers, telephones, and other electronic devices. 

These services are designed to ensure that office equipment remains in optimal working condition, prolong the lifespan of each piece of equipment, and create a more hygienic and productive work environment. 

We’ve put together this guide to take you through some tips on how to clean different pieces of office equipment and the benefits of keeping equipment clean.

How to Clean an Office Desk

Cleaning a desk is essential to maintain a clean and organised workspace. Remove all items from the desk, including papers, electronics, and office supplies. This allows for a thorough cleaning and prevents items from getting in the way. Take the opportunity to declutter by sorting through the items and organising them, discarding what's no longer needed.

After that, use a microfiber cloth to remove dust from drawers, corners and areas around cables and wires. Use a mild cleaning spray to give the desk an extra bit of polish but keep in mind not to use too much as the excessive moisture could damage the material of your desk. 

After that, return the items to your desk, organised to keep the workspace clear. A tidy desk can promote productivity and leave you feeling positive during working hours. 

How to Clean an Office Chair

A clean office chair is vital for comfort during the working day which makes taking care of your chair an important part of the cleaning process.  Vacuum the upholstery to remove drums and dust before cleaning the material. Use a spot-cleaning method with a mild detergent and damp cloth to remove stains. 

Do not use too much liquid as this can cause watermarks and damage the fabric so be sure to check the care label for specific cleaning recommendations, as some fabrics may require specialised cleaning products.

If you want to keep your office chair smelling fresh, you can also deodorise the fabric with fabric freshener or upholstery spray to maintain the brand-new feeling of your chair and prolong its lifespan. 

How to Clean a Computer Keyboard

Cleaning a computer keyboard is crucial to maintain hygiene and ensure the equipment lasts a long time. A clean keyboard has also proven beneficial to productivity, allowing the workflow to be completed smoothly and efficiently. 

Make sure your computer keyboard is disconnected from any power sources before cleaning. Unplug it from its port or remove the batteries to avoid electrical damage. 

Clean off any loose debris that can get beneath the keys and affect the effectiveness of your keyboard, whether by shaking it to remove loose particles or sweeping it with a brush. Afterwards, clean and disinfect the keys to remove stains and bacteria and dry the keyboard thoroughly before connecting it with electricity again.

How to Clean a Computer Screen

Computer screens can get smudged, streaky and dusty over some time so it’s essential to keep the screen clean to maintain optimal visibility and improve the personal working conditions in the office. 

Power off and unplug the computer to ensure safety from electrical hazards during the cleaning process and use a microfiber cloth to softly clean the screen without leaving scratches behind. 

For more stubborn smudges and stains, dampen the cloth beforehand with water and dry thoroughly to get rid of any streaks the water may leave behind. 

How to Clean an Office Telephone

Cleaning a telephone is crucial to maintain hygiene, especially in shared office spaces as it will help to minimise the spread of germs and keep employees happy and healthy.

Power off the telephone and disconnect it from the electrical outlet or telephone jack. For cordless phones, remove the batteries or unplug the charger. 

Gently clean the handset and keypad with a mildly damp cloth, paying particular attention to disinfecting parts of the phone that are held the most often. Allow the phone to dry before reconnecting.

How to Clean Printers, Scanners and Photocopiers

As with other communal pieces of office equipment, it’s essential to keep printers, scanners and photocopiers clean to ensure infectious germs can’t spread, reducing absenteeism in the office as well as preventing breakdowns in the machinery that can disrupt the working day. 

Power down all parts of the machinery and wipe down the exterior to get rid of stains and fingerprint smudges, ensuring the equipment looks brand new. It adds to the professional aesthetic of your office. 

If necessary, you may need to clean the interior of the equipment to remove dust that can gather over some time and ensure all components are working properly, repairing or replacing parts as needed. This will help to prevent issues such as paper jams and help your office always to be performing at its best.

What Are the Benefits of Office Equipment Cleaning?

There are several benefits to office equipment cleaning, some of which we touched on above. These advantages to your office include:

  • Improved Equipment Performance - cleaning office equipment helps it to function more efficiently and keep your office running smoothly.
  • Prolonged Lifespan - regular maintenance of equipment and machinery will ensure it lasts longer, saving costs on frequent repairs and replacements.
  • Enhanced Office Hygiene - clean office equipment will minimise bacteria growth and reduce absenteeism, creating a healthier, more positive work environment.
  • Improved Professional Appearance - clean equipment will enhance the overall professional image of your office, helping you to appear more trustworthy and reliable in your services.
  • Increased Productivity - the cleaner the office equipment, the more effectively it will work, increasing the efficiency of office work and helping you to get more done over the day.

Clean office equipment benefits both your employees and your office as a whole, ensuring you are always operating in the best condition possible that elevates you above the competition and enhances your professional image in the eyes of new and returning clients. 

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