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Easy Steps to Guarantee You a Sustainable Christmas

Easy Steps to Guarantee You a Sustainable Christmas Reuse, reduce, recycle Christmas. Friends, family, lots of food, presents and festive decorations. It’s the time of the year where the rules do not apply. The diet starts in January, kids are allowed to eat chocolate for breakfast and we always end up spending more than we can afford on decorations and presents. No harm done, right? Well, for anyone who has been watching the news and basically living on Earth, we know things are very serious and urgent. There is no doubt that our planet is at risk and climate change is real. Everything we do has consequences and there are no free passes for “special occasions”. Christmas is no exception and there is no reason why such a joyous holiday should be a burden on our beloved planet. So, we’ve put together some easy steps for a sustainable Christmas which won’t cost you the world.

Sustainable Christmas presents

Not all gifts must be bought in stores

Christmas presents are thoughtful and personal. We love shopping for our friends and family and it’s a well-known fact that a high percentage of gifts are store-bought. We might be rushed, last minute, life gets in the way and buying goods (either online or high street shops) are our go-to. You’d be surprised what you can achieve with a little planning. Why not give more while spending less? sustainable presents These 10 Tips for Sustainable Giving from Earth Easy include an abundance of gifts such as: Giving services instead of goods - think a spa massage, an experience day, concert tickets or a subscription for the club of their favourite hobby. Antiques and Collectibles - Hunting for antiques at auction houses has become more and more popular. Homemade Edibles - The gift of food is so personal and friendly to the environment, which will most definitely not go to waste. Think your grandmother’s recipe for her special chutney or jam, or even more special, make your own recipe and start your own tradition.

Sustainable Christmas Decorations

Nowadays, we can find Christmas decorations for every budget, made from all materials. Finding a way of reusing the decorations as well as utilising our own home decor to make it festive should be the goal. The guys at Giant have done all the work so you don’t have to. Check out the 10 most awesome eco-friendly decorations and how to make them here. homemade decorations Renting a Christmas tree in your area is one of the best things you can do. After the New Year, they will be picked up and replanted. How great is that? House Beautiful has got all the details. See how it works here. Alternatively, you can turn your houseplant into a Christmas tree in the simplest step - use fairy lights.

Christmas ecards

Over 1 million Christmas cards are thrown away in the UK each year. Whilst receiving a festive card in the post is always exciting, why not create your own personalised card - (use the free site Canva!) and send an ecard instead?

Sustainable Christmas Food

Food is at the heart of Christmas. We love the traditional roast with all the trimmings, the cheeseboards, party food and so on. However, we find that every year the leftovers and waste are increasing. Cutting food waste shouldn’t be complicated. Crafting a food plan for the big day for all your guests will help you buy exactly what you need in the right quantities. Buying loose items of food or with minimal packaging should be the priority. This delicious recipe which only uses leftovers is perfect for Boxing Day.

Sustainable Christmas Clean up

With everything from getting rid of wrapping paper and Christmas trees to cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, hosting Christmas can be a laborious job. Using plant-based products for cleaning can sound unrealistic. However, household products such as white wine vinegar, lemon or bicarbonate of soda can be powerful enough to remove stains and kill germs. We have answered all the questions you have around eco-friendly cleaning and you can find them here. Switching to either fabric or eco wrapping should be a given, even though your recycling bin might be full sooner than normal. Remember: Reuse, reduce, recycle - wherever you can!
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