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The Positive Future of Office Cleaning

New research conducted by cleaning industry PR specialist, Ceris Burns International (CBI PR) produced an overwhelming message “cleaning is essential both at home and in the office”. All participants in the independent survey carried out by Mindlab International, recognised that cleaning is an important industry sector, delivering important services to society. Two hundred people, located across England, Scotland, Ireland and Northern Ireland, took part in the survey, representing a wide range of ages and professions. The results from the survey form the basis of a new best practice guide, ‘The Future of Cleaning’. The future of cleaning focuses on the cleaning industry. The guide uses consumer perceptions revealed through the independent survey to help cleaning professionals develop the products and services  that will deliver the right results for years to come. key points from the independant survey 78% of participants said machinery is more effective than a mop. 66% said that effectiveness is the single most important aspect when designing cleaning equipment or services. 51% would prefer to see cleaners in branded uniforms. 34% never spoke to a cleaner at work. 72% said that cleaning makes them feel satisfied. 38% said that cleaning makes them feel contented. One of the areas the study concentrated on was looking at people’s perceptions of the cleaning industry. Group Managing Director Carlos Garcia at Total Clean commented “Delivering innovative cleaning equipment and bespoke skilled processes into our clients sites is the key to retaining and nurturing long term relationships and can see the correlation between the survey’s overall findings and our continued success” The purpose of the survey is to inspire professionals in the  cleaning industry to develop better products and services for the future, and help them recruit skilled and dedicated employees that the industry sector requires. A company fulfilling those requirements is Total Clean who provides London, West End, City, Kensington and surrounding areas along with their national offices at Blackpool, Manchester, Warrington, Maidenhead and Aberdeen with a complete professional commercial cleaning service. Total Clean boasts an industry-beating 95% client retention rate (compared to an industry average of only 53%) thanks to their flexibility, professionalism and reliability. Call them today for a cost effective quote. Contact us for a free quote regarding our office cleaning London services.
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