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Spring Cleaning Your Office: A Guide to a Thorough Deep Clean

Spring Cleaning Your Office: A Guide to a Thorough Deep Clean

Spring cleaning your office space is an essential part of making sure your workspace is always looking professional and appealing to your clients, earning you a glowing reputation and cultivating a positive atmosphere for your employees and your visitors.

As a general rule, spring cleaning your office is a thorough and effective way to combat the spread of germs and protect the health and safety of your employees in the long run. This is where a deep clean can become a vital part of your cleaning process.

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What is the Purpose of a Spring Cleaning?

Spring cleaning your office space serves many purposes, each designed to help your workspace to flourish and make sure that every inch of your building is spotless as you move ahead into the summer months.

Cleaning your office is a great way to mitigate the possibility of yourself, your employees and your visitors from contracting illnesses from germs that have accumulated. It also protects against other health risks like asthma and allergies from too much dust.

Spring cleaning also has a positive effect on the mood of the office, making it a brighter and happier place to work. The more organised your workspace is, the less stressed your employees will be, increasing productivity and decreasing absenteeism.

By cleaning your office thoroughly from top to bottom, you are ensuring that you are putting the health of your workers first. It's always important to carry out a deep clean but spring cleaning provides a good seasonal incentive to help keep you on top of your cleaning responsibilities and make your office a happier place.

Cleaning Out Your Desk

Having a clean desk has a huge effect on your productivity levels and on the overall atmosphere of your workplace.

Carrying out a spring cleaning goes a long way to helping your office to feel fresh and rejuvenated for the year ahead. Perhaps over the past months, you have been slowly accumulating odd bits of stationery and spare sheets of paper. If you have, then now is the best time to declutter your desk drawers and start fresh.

Having a clean desk saves time and effort as your work belongings will be more organised and easily accessible. It can also help to improve client perception as a clean desk space can communicate that you are efficient and reliable.

When it comes to spring cleaning your office desk, there are several ways you can reach maximum cleanliness as you shake off the winter months and get ready for the months ahead:

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  • Clean out your desk drawers - make sure you cut down on the excess papers and pens you have stored in your desk drawers to make way for the things you actually need so you can find them quicker
  • Organise your desk space - find ways to declutter and order what you have on the top of your desk so that everything has its place and is easy to find while also making sure you have enough room to work.
  • Cleaning your office equipment - your office equipment like your phone, computer screen and keyboard can become hotspots for germs so make sure to give them a thorough wiping down. Get rid of any dust and crumbs that have accumulated in your keyboard as well as this can cause keys to jam and stick.
  • Minimise eating at your desk - it's very tempting to eat at your desk but this can lead to crumbs that can attract germs and add unnecessary clutter. Keep those coffee mugs down to one at a time at your desk and make sure to sort out any litter and wrappers into the trash.
  • Keep your office fresh - final finishin touches can be as simple as adding sparks of colour and life to your desk to personalise the space and generate a happier working environment. Try customising with potted plants - plastic if someone has allergies - and photos to decorate your desk.

Deep Cleaning Your Office Space

The best way to carry out a spring cleaning is to deep clean your office from top to bottom.

It's important to have a process in place so you can tackle each area methodically, ensuring maximum cleanliness.

Pick a room to start in, whether it be the main office space, the kitchen or the bathroom and work your way along every surface and every nook and cranny.

This includes even the most overlooked of areas. It's very easy to remember to clean out the microwave and the toilets and hoover and shampoo the floor but it can be just as easy to forget to clean the skirting board or the faucet on the sinks.

Don't forget your ceiling fans and light fixtures too! These are always prime places for dust and cobwebs to gather and even in the most thorough of cleanings, it's easy to miss a stray cobweb stretching over the ceiling.

A deep clean will help you to combat all of these problems to eradicate germs and bacteria and having your office look fresh and healthy again, bolstering your image and improving your reputation.

Settling Into a Cleaning Process

Spring cleaning can often seem like a long and arduous chore but having the right process in place can help to alleviate some of that pressure and get your office looking and feeling clean in no time.

Organising your spring cleaning around your work is a delicate balance so the most important thing is dividing your time wisely. You obviously cannot spring clean your desk during working hours but when you take your lunch break, it's a good idea to take five-ten minutes to tackle one of the cleaning tasks on your checklist.

Don't devote too much time to it though as it's still important that you actually feel like you're having a break and not substituting work with more work.

Setting yourself up with small tasks can make the whole spring cleaning workload feel a lot more manageable. In one break, you can check the smoke alarms throughout the building for new batteries while someone else clears out the fridge and cupboards of leftovers and old food, wiping down the shelves.

Clean up and organisation takes time and training yourself to settle into a process helps you to focus throughout your tasks, allowing you to keep your motivation for spring cleaning up. The whole process can be daunting so make sure you and your employees are working as a team to make sure your office looks its best, maintaining the core values of your business.

clean office hallway with sofa and lamp in the nearest room

Maintaining the Cleanliness of Your Office

So you've managed to disinfect and clean every inch of your office space in your spring cleaning from shampooing your carpets to wiping down your office supplies.

You don't want all the hard work of your spring clean to go to waste though so it's important that after the deep clean of your office that you maintain the standard throughout the year.

An in-house schedule or hiring a professional cleaning company will help you to stay on top of the inevitable build up of germs and bacteria and make sure your office is always looking its best.

Schedule periodic deep cleans throughout the year to tackle heavier problems and complement this with a weekly clean which will make sure all the effort of your spring clean doesn't go to waste.

A clean office is the key to a successful business and a spring clean ensures you are striving to meet requirements and creating a positive, stress-free environment that will encourage a higher quality of work from your employees.

Every part of your office matters in making a good impression so use the opportunity a spring clean provides you to make sure you have a sparkling clean office from grime-free windows to blinds free of that pesky layer of dust. This will help you to get well on your way to setting the standard for cleanliness in your industry and increase your reputation among clients. If you're looking for an office clean then get in touch about our commercial office cleaning services and get your free quote today.

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