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Spring Cleaning The Office

Spring Cleaning The Office Can’t find anything on your desk, frustrated at having to search through the clutter to find that all-important file or maybe there are one too many biscuit crumbs building up by the monitor? Here are some office spring cleaning tips to help you organise yourself and have a clutter-free desk. These tips aren't just for a good old spring clean either, they are habits that could help declutter your desk all year around. Office Spring Cleaning
  • Organise your workspace into zones and ask yourself these questions, ‘What do I want from my office space, and is it meeting my needs’. Setting up different zones helps provide a solid foundation for a more efficient use of space. For example, have a set space for your computer workspace, maybe find a library area for research matters and a different place for storing files, stationery, lunch time and so on. Whatever job you do try and break your workspace into different zones and be space efficient.
  • Keep only what you need at arm's length. Boxes of pens, old coffee cups and basically any clutter that you don't need to work, will need to go. Your monitor, keyboard, mouse, notebook and pen should be kept in your most used workspace. Other non-important items can be put in their appropriate work zones. But best keep that family picture for moral!
  • Create a daily paper system and file them in labelled folders to prevent you being inundated under a mountain of paperwork. Prioritising your filing will allow you to keep on top of things and allow you time to deal with matters that may require your attention first.
  • Have a catch-all drawer to hold things that can’t be filed straight away. However, sort through the drawer on a regular basis to avoid build up and file the items to their designated areas. Make sure it doesn't become that miscellaneous draw in your kitchen.
  • Online disorganisation can be just as stressful as having piles of files messing up your desk. If you use your email address as a to-do list make sure you keep your inbox and files organised because these can become just as stressful as having physical clutter.
  • Is there an area away from the desk to hang coats, scarves, hats, extra bags? Sometimes we can't help but bringing extra baggage into work (literally) but by storing these in a place away from the desk you are less likely to feel cluttered and it will also reduce work-place accidents such as tripping over bags and getting your bag caught under the office chair wheel.
  • Have some wipes to hand to give desk items a wipe over frequently. The office cleaning contractors armed with their commercial vacuum cleaners will be cleaning the office in the evenings however regular wiping through the day will keep work areas smelling fresh and clean. According to a recent survey, three-quarters of workers say a clean office makes them more productive.
  • Remember to work as a team, if everyone chipped in by tidying up a little, even in the kitchen, then your workplace should feel less stressful which helps everyone out.
Although finding the time to organise your office workspace could be an issue, use the time you do have efficiently. Maybe 10 minutes before you start your days work and spend an extra 5 after making sure you are set for the next day and have a tidy mind before heading to work. Once you have a system stick to it and it will save you time in the long run. Office Spring Cleaning Have you ever experienced a time when you have been stuck for an answer, often you may well say, well don’t panic, Google will come to the rescue. Type your question in the search bar, this could be for example “dry cleaners London” or “office cleaning London”. If it is the latter services you require then save yourself a Google Search and Contact Total Clean today for a complete professional cleaning service.
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