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Screen before Office Clean

Screen before Office Clean In the Office Cleaning industry, background checks are standard practice for companies employing suitable candidates. Cleaners who work for an Office Cleaning Business will be placed in environments that require a high degree of trust. Correct vetting procedures of the potential cleaner will reveal any issues for concern prior to commencing employment. There are various screening procedures an office cleaning company can perform before they make a decision. References Collecting references are one of the obvious methods when vetting cleaners. Obtaining written confirmation that the proposed applicant has previously been allowed unrestricted access to business premises without issues is a good indicator in terms of trust. References need to be followed up and validated to reduce the risk of non-existant employers. The reference should not be the sole independent piece of information used to employ staff but part of a structured vetting process.   Criminal records Criminal record checks are required by law for workers in schools or care homes. This type of check is called Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) previously called Criminal Record Bureau (CRB). There are three levels to this check Basic, Standard and Enhanced and usually cleaning companies will only be allowed to carry out a basic level check which discloses any unspent convictions within the past five years. Identity Checks Cleaning companies have also started carrying out identity checks on their cleaners. The purpose of the identity check is to ensure that the cleaner is not using any counterfeit documents. Possessing counterfeit documents is clear evidence of fraudulent identity and could also be linked to other criminal activities. This combination of security checks allows cleaning companies to show prospective clients that their cleaners have passed stringent security checks and can be trusted to perform their cleaning duties.  
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