Pub Cleaning Checklist: Front of House

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Keeping your pub clean should always be a priority for every proud pub owner.

A cleaning checklist brings routine, sets expectations for the staff and ensures your customers always have a pleasant environment in which to spend their leisure time.

Daily Pub Cleaning Checklist (During Service)

Keeping a bar or a pub clean is a daily affair, not just to create a pleasant ambience for your customers but also to meet the standards of the environmental health department.

  • Wipe down the bar
  • Wipe down the tables
  • Replace beer mats
  • Sweep up any fallen food
  • Glass Washer
  • Check Toilets (refill if necessary)
  • Spot Clean* (Check)

*Spot clean basically means take a cloth around with you and clean the spots of dirt you see

Daily Opening Pub Cleaning Checklist

Having a cleaning routine in place before the pub opens is a great way to make sure everything is in place before service and customers are walking into a pub that doesn’t smell of or resemble the busy night before.


  • Review the entrance and dispose of any litter
  • Brush and air shake door mats
  • Straighten tables and chairs
  • Sweep and mop floor and dry thoroughly
  • Clear and clean the bar areas


  • All visible surfaces
  • Banners and hoardings
  • Lights, switches and fixtures
  • Wall décor and picture frames
  • Furniture


  • Replace clean glassware on the correct shelves
  • Check, clean and stack bar accessories – bottle openers, corkscrews etc.
  • Restock the garnishes
  • Check and refill hot drinks station


  • Clean the bathroom surfaces
  • Clean and polish sinks and taps
  • Polish mirrors
  • Refill all dispensers (soap, loo roll, sanitary items)
  • Disinfect toilet bowls
  • Clean washroom door and door knob
  • Mop floor and dry thoroughly

Our pub cleaning checklist will help you to develop an effective cleaning schedule for your business. Adhering to the cleaning regulations for front of house service is the foundation for a healthy, customer filled pub.

30 Seconds…

That’s how long it takes for a customer to judge your pub and decide whether to stay or go. And given that there is ample competition, especially in London, there are a handful of first impressions you can manage and/or improve by simply … cleaning.

Unclean entrances, odours and ambiences can all be very off-putting for any business, but especially so in a place, where people come to eat, drink and socialise.

Managing your Pub Cleaning Checklist

You can assign different cleaning tasks to each of the staff, perhaps per shift. A sign off sheet for each cleaning task is a useful tool for management to monitor the cleaning. This makes the cleaning to-do list less daunting and easier to handle. Spreading out the cleaning workload between everyone means little jobs can be done properly and add up to an amazingly clean pub.

However, your bar and kitchen staff are sure to be tired and exhausted after a long shift so a better alternative is to hire a professional deep cleaning service to ensure daily standards are met. Our pub cleaning checklists will be useful to ensure your cleaners meet all your requirements! You can personalise them depending on the size of your pub and your particular needs.

End of the Day Pub Cleaning Tasks

Behind the Bar

  • Sweep and mop behind the bar
  • Clean and wipe speed rails and bottles
  • Clean and soak soda guns
  • Sort and clean out fruit and garnishes
  • Empty and sanitise ice bins
  • Refill snacks
  • Clean all glasses and glass machine

General Cleaning

  • Dirty linen and bar mats in laundry
  • Wipe, wash and sanitise all surfaces
  • Clean and shut down coffee machine
  • Pack up furniture
  • Sweep and mop the floor
  • Lock the entrances and set alarms.

Weekly/Deep Pub Cleaning Checklist

Depending on how busy your pub is the following cleaning tasks may need to be addressed bi-weekly. In any case, these tasks require more time, effort and intensity so schedule them accordingly.

Behind the Bar

  • Empty and clean fridges and reach-in coolers
  • Clean and/or sweep and mop behind movable equipment
  • Clean glassware shelves
  • Clean beer/keg lines
  • Clean the cellar
  • Polish the draught taps

General Cleaning

  • Dust and remove cobwebs in high areas
  • Polish windows and wipe/dust blinds
  • Sanitise all countertops
  • Deep clean of bath/washrooms
  • Wash floor mats
  • Shine/polish brass and silverware

These checklists are simply guidelines – you can add to them if your pub has any special cleaning requirements. Keep your business clean, safe and healthy for both customers and staff alike. Also, get the team involved and let your employees know how important it is to keep the pub clean and looking inviting.

Whether you are allocating the task to them or you hire a cleaning company, these checklists will help to direct cleaners and get things done more efficiently.

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