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15 Reasons to Hire a Professional Cleaning Service

15 Reasons to Hire a Professional Cleaning Service

A workspace can be a daunting and complicated area to clean effectively on top of your other duties during the working day. Hiring a professional cleaning service will help you to be able to manage your day more efficiently, relieving stress and assuring you that your workplace is getting the best care possible. 

Professional cleaning services offer many benefits to your workplace. Dive in below to discover some of the most important reasons it is advantageous to hire professional cleaners.

1. Professional Cleaning Services Offer Flexible Cleaning Contracts


Right from the beginning of the process of hiring a cleaning service, you are reaping benefits that help your company run smoother. Cleaning companies often offer highly flexible contracts that can be shaped around your work schedule and what you need, ensuring you are always being put first. 

Perhaps you only need a deep clean once a week or need cleaners to come in two or three times a week just to help maintain the cleanliness of your facility. Whatever your circumstances, contracts can be easily tailored around your needs and schedule, making sure there is as little stress on your shoulders as possible so you can focus on your work and have peace of mind that your workplace is in good hands. 

2. A Professional Cleaning Service Specialises in a Deep Clean

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When cleaning an office building yourself, it can be very easy to forget all the little nooks and crannies. Perhaps you never remember to clean behind the microwave in your work kitchen or you overlook the backs of sinks in the bathroom. 

It’s easy for you to help do your part with things like disinfecting your desk with cleaning supplies after eating lunch and wiping down your office equipment after use. However, you won’t have time to do a thorough, intensive cleaning considering your work responsibilities. This is where hiring professional cleaners can help to make a difference. 

They enable you to focus on your work and your clients without having to worry about the cleaning and the cleaners make sure everything is always cleaned above and beyond the industry standard. A clean workspace is vital to maintaining the atmosphere and professionalism of your office. 

A deep clean ensures that your office space is always sparkling and free of bacteria and germs, making sure your office is as consistently healthy as possible. 

3. Professional Cleaning Equipment

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A professional cleaning company often has more professional and specialised equipment with which to carry out their cleaning, a lot more advanced than what the average janitorial closet would have to offer. This enables professional cleaners to use the right tools to carry out a more effective and intensive cleaning that will help your office remain clean, fresh and professional and make your working lives easier. 

Some of the cleaning equipment used in a cleaning service is the fogging tools. Fogging is a great way to disinfect your workplace thoroughly from bacteria and germs as it produces a fine mist that seeps into all the corners and hidden places of your office. This disinfecting method is particularly useful and common in this Covid-19 era to help decontaminate a space in the event of an outbreak and is an easy and efficient way to make the workplace safe again for employees and visitors. 

4. Experienced and Trained Professional Cleaners

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Professional cleaners are highly trained to be able to combat any situation that may arise in the cleaning process. They can amass years of experience that allows them to assure customers that they are always getting an optimum service.

They are also highly resourceful and are there to support you in what you need for your business. Low staff turnover rates mean you are always working with the same people. It is important to be able to build a positive working relationship between you and the professional cleaning company, as it helps to guarantee the service is consistent and reliable, reassuring you that your company is in good hands that you trust to do the job well. 

5. A Versatile and Varied Professional Cleaning Service

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To make sure your office is always as clean as possible, professional cleaners go above and beyond to make sure every aspect of your office is getting the same level of care and attention. The perfect cleaning service will ensure that every part of the office building is cleaned to the same optimum level, delivering the professionalism you need to build trust with your clients. 

A professional cleaning service offers a wide range of additional features to complement their main cleaning sectors. For example, they can carry out waste collection, carpet cleaning and laundry services. This helps to combat the buildup of dust and dirt, ensuring that all important tasks are being addressed and first impressions of your office are being enhanced.

Hiring a professional cleaning promises a rounded experience that puts your mind at ease. Special attention is always being given to your property and cleaning crews pay a close eye to detail as they strive to elevate your company above the average expectation. 

6. A Clean Office Makes a Good First Impression

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The most vital part of your business is drawing in potential customers and providing them with an enjoyable experience that makes them want to return and keep using your services. Making sure your business is always looking professional and presentable is where a professional cleaning company can come in to help push you across that line and make you the most attractive option to clients. 

You need customers to start getting excited about your business before they’ve even walked through the front door. Some cleaning companies provide a grounds maintenance service to keep the area around your property well-manicured and attractive, putting customers - and workers - in a good frame of mind from the word ‘go’. 

Waste collection services also help your outside area to look clean, inviting and uncluttered and cleaners can also carry out a window cleaning service that will leave your office looking shiny, bright and sparkling. The key to good first impressions is knowing that every little bit helps and a professional cleaner will know just how to reach that goal. 

7. A Professional Cleaning Service Enhances Your Business’s Security

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It’s important for you to feel like your business is in safe hands and that security is one of the most vital things at the forefront of any professional cleaner’s mind. Another one of the benefits professional cleaners can offer you is keyholding services. This service means that the cleaning company will retain a set of keys to your office building so that there is secondary trusted access to your company in the event of alarms going off or in the event of needing to give access to other approved contractors. 

Many companies are dedicated to taking responsibility for your safety and security. They can provide professional handling of any dangerous situations that may arise, always making sure to put your security first and helping you to feel safer in the workplace. Hiring a professional cleaning company can lead to a more positive and stress-free work environment, promising that you’ll always get more from them than a simple cleaning service. 

8. Professional Cleaning Services Prolong Your Workplace’s Lifespan

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It’s very easy for an office space to acquire some natural wear-and-tear from constant traffic and workflow. Crumbs can get stuck between wooden floorboards, marble floors can become discoloured, the metal on sinks can lose its shine, doors will squeak and creak on their hinges. 

All sorts of natural issues can occur over a long period of time which is why it is essential to have a professional cleaning service to help you resolve these issues and keep your workplace well-oiled, germ-free and professional for longer. 

There’s plenty of little services that can help keep your building maintained at a high level for longer periods of time. Professional floor cleaning involves targeted approaches to a variety of different floor types to make sure your floor is getting the proper care to keep it safe and remove stains while cleaning a washroom maintains the appearance of your stalls and sinks, making sure everything remains shiny and presentable, especially as washrooms can get a lot of traffic over the course of a day. 

9. Professional Cleaning Safeguards Against Possible Allergies

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One of the dangers of a workspace that isn’t properly cleaned is that dust particles in the air can trigger allergies in your staff and your visitors. This raises some health issues in the workplace, dampening the mood and increasing absenteeism. 

It is very easy though to bring in a professional cleaning service to help make sure the place is thoroughly cleaned to lessen the amount of dust that could trigger asthma and allergic reactions. 

Professional cleaners exist to help your workplace be a safe and inviting space for everyone and use cleaning supplies that are made up of safe chemicals as certain chemicals can also trigger allergies. Cleaning companies are dedicated to putting you and your employees first by adapting their cleaning processes to accommodate everyone.

10. Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

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Not only do safe chemicals help to prevent allergies, but they are also vastly more beneficial to the environment. This means that they cause less harm to the world as well as to people and makes cleaning a more socially-conscious industry. This helps to build on the trust between you and your clients as you can prove you care about the dangers to the environment and are doing your part to treat the earth more kindly. 

A professional cleaning service can help you in this endeavour as it is highly probable they only use environmentally friendly cleaning products, promising safety and promoting the healthiness of our society. It is important for both you and the cleaners to put the environment and your wider reputation above all else. 

There’s also a broad variety of cleaning hacks you can use when the cleaners aren’t in the office such as using apple cider vinegar to clean stains, which is another way to protect the environment and make sure your office is well-maintained on a consistent basis. Using your own supplies helps you to work in tandem with the cleaning company, both working together to remove stains and enhance the services provided to you by your professional cleaner.

11. Cleaning Your Office Protects Against Health Risks

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Allergies aren’t the only problem faced by your employees and visitors in the event of inhabiting a workplace that hasn’t properly been cleaned. If left untended, mould can grow in damp corners on ceilings and at skirting boards which can pose a serious health risk to those who are in the office for long periods of time every day. 

Hiring a cleaning service means you can start to take preventative measures to stop mould from flourishing and protect the health of your staff and customers. 

A professional cleaning company will also help to protect against other dangers such as making sure wet floors are signalled clearly to prevent slips and falls and by maintaining paths in your grounds to mitigate the risk of people tripping. This will all help to make your workplace a safer and therefore more positive place to work.

12. A Professional Cleaning Service Guarantees Non-Polluted Air

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There are many benefits to keeping your windows clean of any stains and grime that might accumulate over time. Clean windows means better light which helps to build a positive and productive working atmosphere and it also helps to prevent damage to the glass. Dirt can gather on window sills and frames which can cause corrosion. 

A professional cleaning service is fully equipped to handle any damage that might befall your window, on the inside and out, to make sure this part of your office is as clean and professional as the rest.

Another benefit to professionally cleaned windows is that they hugely benefit the health of your employees, improving the air quality in the office. The aforementioned mould is a big problem as it can thrive on condensation on windows so it’s very important that they are well-maintained so that you and your workers aren’t breathing in mould spores, germs or other harmful bacteria on a day-to-day basis.

13. A Professional Cleaning Company Provides Pest Control

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Pest Control may not be the very first thing you consider when thinking about how best to clean your office but they are a very real threat to the smooth running of your business. Pests can thrive in places where there’s food, water and shelter and a professional cleaning service will work hard to check these ‘red zones’ and take any action necessary if pests are found on the premises. 

Professional cleaners can eliminate pest infestations or set up preventative measures to stop pests from gathering. A deep cleaning process is an essential service in clearing any contaminated areas of faeces and bacteria, making your workplace healthier and giving you peace of mind over the state of your business. 

You can help as well by taking rubbish out regularly so that it doesn’t attract animals and by keeping an eye out for the three hotspots listed above. Regular visits by a professional company can help you keep on top of a pest infestation and improve the daily life of your employees greatly.

14. Professional Cleaning Reduces Absenteeism

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A professional cleaning service ultimately puts you and your employees first. Your health and wellbeing is what all professional cleaners’ services are centred around and there is a deep understanding that a smoothly operated business is vital to your success. 

By taking all the above measures such as controlling pest infestations and making sure you’re using environmentally friendly cleaning products, the workplace becomes a safer and healthier place to work in during long hours. By lowering the risk of triggered allergies and protecting the health of your employees with clean air and no mould, you are helping to ensure that your employees are taking less time off as they won’t be phoning in sick. 

Hiring a cleaning service helps your office to run much more smoothly, enhancing your professional appearance and building trust with clients as they will see a full and dedicated working force. 

15. A Clean Office Increases Staff Productivity

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With less absenteeism comes more staff productivity. There will be a higher motivation to work if your staff doesn’t feel ill from cleanliness problems in the workplace and with greater staff productivity comes a greater work turnover.  

A cleaning service helps your business to operate above and beyond the industry standard and displaying to clients that you and your employees are hard-working, responsible and therefore a reliable choice for them to do business with. 

Staff productivity is also increased by a well-lit, clean work area. Benefits like less clutter and more light builds up a positive working atmosphere, inspiring employees to work as they are in a better headspace than if their desk was crowded with rubbish or if there was a poor quality of natural light in the room. 

Making sure your employees are in a positive and productive headspace is an important reason to make sure your workplace is clean and your windows sparkling; there is a direct correlation between clean spaces and workers’ happiness and a professional cleaning service can do its part to help you find and hold onto that ideal sweet spot. 

There is a lot more to cleaning an office than just wiping down surfaces, cleaning toilets and hoovering the floor. To save you time and stress, a professional cleaning company can take on all your worries to give you peace of mind and help shape your office space into the optimum working location you want it to be. You and your needs are of paramount importance to any cleaning company and hiring a professional cleaning ensures your workplace is getting the thorough care and attention it deserves. 

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