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The Importance of Office Kitchen Cleaning

The Importance of Office Kitchen Cleaning

Office kitchens can often be a hub for harmful germs and bacteria to spread due to them being communal areas where food is prepared. To this end, it is important to keep your office kitchen clean to ensure your employees are working in sanitary conditions and to keep the office running as smoothly as possible. 

The Benefits of Keeping Your Workplace Kitchen Clean

There are many benefits to keeping your office kitchen clean and make the workplace healthier and more hygienic. 

Keeping the bacteria in your kitchen to a minimum will help to keep your employees healthy and safe from any foodborne illnesses and infections. It is very easy for bacteria to spread from unclean surfaces and old forgotten crumbs and leftovers, causing food contamination. 

Reducing the amount of bacteria in your kitchen will go a long way to reducing absenteeism in the workplace, allowing the workload to be shared more evenly and keep the office operating in optimum condition. Plus, if your employees are healthier, that can lead to a happier and more productive work environment. 

Another benefit to keeping your office kitchen clean is that it will raise the overall standard of your office, showcasing your responsibility and care by adhering to health and safety guidelines and proving you are putting the hygiene of your employees and visitors first. 

This will help to elevate the reputation of your business, creating a great first impression and encouraging your workers to have a positive mood which will in turn affect how your clients interact with your company. 

Kitchen Cleaning Tips

There are several ways you can clean your kitchen to keep bacteria and germs to a minimum and maintain positive working conditions in your office. 

Best Way to Clean a Kitchen

The best way to keep an office kitchen clean is to call in professional cleaners to deep clean the area, targeting all the germs that can be forgotten in a regular cleaning. This will help to solve the problem at its root, allowing your office kitchen to remain in a cleaner state for longer. 

A professional cleaning crew will use environmentally friendly cleaning products and specialist equipment to make sure your office kitchen is as clean as possible, sanitising the work surfaces to avoid the risk of food contamination. 

It is especially important as office kitchens are often communal areas where employees will gather to chat during their breaks. This makes the kitchen a high traffic area that needs extra attention to make sure it’s as clean and safe to use as possible. 

Our professional cleaners will target areas that are frequently touched by hands to reduce the risk of employees spreading infection to each other. This includes microwave buttons, door handles and fridge handles. 

How to Keep a Kitchen Clean

There are a number of ways to keep the office kitchen clean to avoid germs from spreading and keep the area looking pristine. 

Organise your fridge and any cupboards where food is stored to make sure the risk of contamination is low. Any raw meats that may be in the fridge should be placed at the bottom and it’s also important to keep gluten foods and dairy products separate to avoid cross contamination. 

This helps to protect any employees with food allergies and intolerances such as coeliac disease. This will make sure that all your employees stay healthy, increasing productivity in the office. 

Make sure to also throw out any food waste that gathers over the course of the working day. Leaving waste can cause its own problems such as turning hazardous or attracting pests to the workplace. This can lower the standard of your office as well as harm your customers and employees. We can help you to make sure that you stay on top of your waste pile-up and keep your kitchen and business in good condition. 

How to Keep a Kitchen Smelling Fresh

Cleaning your kitchen of waste and germs is a great way to keep it smelling fresh but there are other methods you can use to maintain that freshness and make it last longer. 

You can deodorise your dishwasher, sink and trash can to make sure they smell better as the smell of food waste can linger and affect the aroma in the office. You can also clean out the grime from your sink to release any odours that are trapped there. 

You can keep your fridge clean and smelling fresh by storing food in containers instead of leaving it loose and you can also open up a tin or box of baking soda to leave on a shelf. Baking soda is a great natural cleaning product for the kitchen as it can clean up stains and remove odours. 

You can also use natural ingredients if you’re figuring out how to get rid of a smell in the microwave. You can use a solution of either baking soda or white vinegar with some water and heat it for a few minutes on a high temperature. The steam created from either mixture will clean your microwave, breaking up any old grime left behind from cooking and the vinegar or baking soda will absorb the odours to leave it smelling fresh. 

It’s important to keep your office kitchen clean as it is one of the main places in your office that your employees will gather in when they’re not at their desks. Follow the tips above to maintain the cleanliness of your kitchen and create a better workplace atmosphere for everyone.

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