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Innovation & Excellence Award 2020 – Office Cleaning Service of the Year

Innovation & Excellence Award 2020 – Office Cleaning Service of the Year


“Alongside their premium cleaning services, Total Clean support seven charities, including in Sue’s Name and Children with Cancer UK. As a company, they are committed to going above and beyond in every sense.”

Office cleaning service of the year 2020, Total Clean, is a family run business with over 30 years of experience, that has proven once again that they are the cleaning service go-to company.

Standing by their values of responsibility, excellence and improvement, they are continually striving to be the best that there is, not only from a cleaning perspective but in understanding their client’s needs and making them their own. Total Clean has a history of producing the best service through training and development, a strong vetting process and products that are effective, innovative and environmentally friendly.

Their extensive training programs have created a strong foundation of staff and provided them with everything they need to remain at the top of their game while maintaining strong bonds with their customers and clients.

Their dedication to customers means that they have provided them with frequent articles regarding the tips and tricks of the cleaning industry, and thus creating supporting content that will enable their clients to achieve higher cleaning standards while showcasing the business as one with the industry expertise you can trust.

With the pandemic threatening to force many businesses to close, Total Clean has kept on cleaning, helping customers to ensure the safety of their workspaces by supplying the latest innovations which allow their franchises and cleaners to be in and out of a potentially devastating contamination in mere hours. Using fogging to ensure that no space is left untouched, and covering areas that could normally be missed, Total Clean has become a necessity for your emergency cleaning requirements. They have continued to adapt to the cleaning needs of others and to offer a grade A service to all their customers, be them schools, offices or other industries.

Innovation & Excellence Award 2020 – Office Cleaning Service of the Year

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