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Cleaning Your Carpet: What to Look For and How to Do It

Cleaning Your Carpet: What to Look For and How to Do It Whether in a huge office building or in your own home, the one thing they have in common is dirt. Carpets can look deceivingly clean when in actual fact, they are holding onto dirt, crumbs, grime and even carpet bugs.  Knowing how to keep your carpet clean will help you to breathe a new lease of life into it and ensure that dirt isn’t building up. If, however, it is already too late, we will give you some hints as to what the signs are and when you should bring in the professionals.  Total Clean

Why should you regularly clean your carpet?

It can be easy to ignore when you can’t tell your carpet is dirty. But to ignore it for too long can end up with some health issues which you would potentially not link to dirt.  Your carpet is a perfect habitat for dust mites, bacteria, allergens, mould, and even insects. Some of which are so tiny that the human eye can’t see them. They do, however, create dust and bacteria that can affect your health.  In addition to the potential health risks of a dirty carpet, these little mites can also break down your carpet fibres and make them fade. Total Clean

How to tell if your carpet is dirty

Although this may seem quite obvious, light carpets, soft pile carpets and thick carpets can make it very challenging to see ground in dirt. So here are some signs you should look out for when considering deep cleaning your carpet.

Fading carpet fibres

We mentioned it before, but noticeable patches of fading or discoloured carpet can be a sure-fire sign that mites have moved in. Make sure that it isn’t related to sun fading also. This can happen if your carpet is in direct sunlight for extended periods of time. 

Your carpet is losing its bounce

This can be especially obvious in soft pile carpets. The ground-in dirt can start to make the carpet look limp and lifeless. This is usually a sign that it needs a deep clean to restore its vigour and comfort underfoot.

Your vacuum bag is filling up quickly

If your vacuum bag seems to be filling up substantially more rapidly than before, this could be a sign that your carpet needs more than just a regular hoovering.  This can often be caused by the change in seasons and pets shedding hair. Even short-haired cats and dogs will shed considerably more than you may think. These hairs can also cause allergies, so it is worth keeping on top of it. Another tip is to brush your pets as  often as you can. This will help get rid of a lot of pet hair, and your animal friend will love you for it. 

Rain and heat can make a difference

An office environment can have a substantial amount of human traffic. Some corridors or even open plan office areas will have a continually high level of stamping going on. Offices are not shoes off environments, which means that damp shoes can trample in mud on a rainy day very easily.  Not only that, but a build-up on moisture can cause damp which in turn can cause mould. If not dealt with properly, this can cause toxins in the air and degradation of the carpet substantially faster than if it was clean. Look for patches of damp and black mould building up under desks and in corners. On warm summer days, it is not the damp that is the problem; it’s the dust. That can blow in through doors and windows and be brought in on clothing and shoes. Dust can be more challenging to see than damp, but in turn, is easier to deal with. 

Obvious staining

This is easy to spot. Dark patches over your carpeted area can accumulate, especially coffee stains and ground in mud. These may not come out with traditional hoovering and may need a more substantial clean.  Total Clean

What is the best way to clean your carpet?

Prevention is better than cure is, without a doubt, the best way to achieve longevity from your carpet. Giving it a regular hoover will help to keep the carpet cleaner for longer. It won’t get rid of the most stubborn of dirt, but it will certainly help. Moving items such as tables, cabinets etc., can show where there have been dust and dirt build-ups, but also they can cause indentation to the carpet, which can wear. It’s worth moving them to get to the hard to reach places and allow your carpet to rise in those flattened areas. 

Shampooing your carpet

Depending on the size of your carpet, purchasing a carpet shampoo can make a huge difference. Many carpet cleaners come with anti-stain protection, such as Scotchguard, which will help prevent future issues.  We understand that this can be a daunting task, especially if you have a large carpet area. You can purchase specific hoovers that will both lift dirt and shampoo your carpet simultaneously. 

Carpet foam

Having carpet foam at hand for emergencies will help you to grab spillages and dirt before it has the chance to settle. It is designed to lift the fluid and dirt off the carpet within minutes, catching it before it becomes a stain.  One of the best aspects of carpet foam is that it is so simple to use. Most of them are spray and walk away. Meaning that the foam lifts and dissolves the liquid without you having to do anything else.  Do not try to scrub a spillage out too soon, as you may be pushing it deeper into the fibres.  Total Clean

Is it time to hire professionals?

If these options just aren’t cutting it, you may want to hire a professional carpet cleaner. But what can a professional do that I cannot? Professional carpet cleaners have the equipment and facilities to give your home or office the deepest of cleans.  They will be able to wash out long-standing stains, ground in dirt, pet hair and much more. It will rekindle the vibrance of the carpet and make it fresh, clean and back to being springy and full of life.  What we offer:
  • We use high grade, professional commercial carpet cleaning products and equipment endorsed and accredited by the industry.
  • We cause minimal disruption to your business operation.
  • We can use a dry carpet cleaning process which is completely non-toxic for the office environment.
  • Faster drying carpets, fabrics and upholstery.
  • We are extremely knowledgeable and experienced in fabric care.
  • We will provide a thorough, deep down, professional clean.
If you are considering professional carpet cleaning, please do contact us for a conversation or quote. Our professional team here at Total Clean can take care of all your commercial or domestic cleaning needs!  
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