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How do you clean Pizza Grease?

How do you clean Pizza Grease?

Pizza can bring joy to many people’s lives and many people disagree on whether pineapple belongs on pizza or not. One thing everyone can agree on is how annoying it is to get rid of the stains a pizza can make. Here are some of our top tips to remove stubborn stains.

           Pizza Stains on Clothes

One method of removing the grease stain from clothing is to apply a few drops of washing-up liquid to the affected area and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes. After this wash it with warm water and leave it to try. Check to see if the stain has been removed if not then repeat the process.

Another way is to sprinkle some baking soda onto the stain, this will adsorb the grease. Just make sure you leave it for 24 hours and wash the effective area with warm water.

           Oven Grease

The best way to remove any stains from an oven is by using a commercial oven cleaner. But if you do not have an over cleaner there is another way of tackling that persistent grease.

Mix 3 TBS of baking soda with water in an empty spray bottle and mix until the baking soda has dissolved. Spray the offending areas with the solution but only when the oven is cold and turned off. Once the oven has been sprayed leave it overnight. Then in the morning wipe the oven with a damp cloth.

           Burnt on Grease

The easiest way to remove burnt-on grease stains is to soak the pan in hot water with a little washing-up liquid. After it has soaked a little in the solution, scrub the pan with a wire brush until the grease has been removed. Then rinse the pan clean. (When using a wire brush make sure it is appropriate for the particular pan.)

If you are worried about using a wire brush. Another effective method is to, sprinkle the pan with baking soda and then spray it with vinegar. Using elbow grease and a sponge once the pan has been sufficiently scrubbed leave the pan overnight. The next day rinse the pan. If the stain remains repeat the process.

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