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5 Ways Professional Cleaning Services Can Improve Indoor Air Quality

5 Ways Professional Cleaning Services Can Improve Indoor Air Quality

In the hustle and bustle of your work life, the quality of indoor air can often be forgotten about. However, the air you’re breathing daily in the workplace is vital to your overall well-being and productivity, causing a range of health issues that can affect the performance of the office and demoralise your employees. 

Our professional cleaning services recognise the factors that can negatively impact indoor air quality and provide several solutions to help you combat these problems and foster a healthier work environment. In this guide, we will explore five different ways professional cleaning can make a significant change to the air you breathe.

1. Removing Mould From the Workplace

One of the main factors of poor indoor air quality is mould. Commonly found growing in damp and poorly ventilated spaces, mould can have a serious impact on your employee's health if it is left unchecked. 

There are many health issues caused by mould that can very easily be explained as a run-of-the-mill cold. These symptoms include a runny nose, coughing, sneezing and a wheeze. Mould also affects your respiratory health, causing infections and aggravating asthma and allergies. 

These illnesses can lead to higher counts of absenteeism so it is important to combat and prevent mould growth to make the office more productive. 

Our professional cleaners will identify hotspots in which mould can easily grow, removing visible spore growth and putting measures into place to prevent more mould from growing. Some measures that help to remove mould include improving ventilation such as installing dehumidifiers and checking for leaks in the plumbing to restrict the amount of dampness in an area.

To get rid of mould that has already grown, we will use antimicrobial chemicals to get rid of the spores and will use sealants to help prevent moisture from spreading in the area again. All of our cleaning supplies are part of our Total Defence eco-friendly range, allowing us to further protect your employees from potentially harmful chemicals that can provoke allergies.

2. Deodorising Air in the Workplace

Due to factors such as mould, unpleasant odours can materialise and permeate indoor spaces, creating a poor work environment that affects the productivity of your employees and decreases the overall mood of the office. 

We will take great care to put into place practices that eliminate odours instead of masking them, tackling the source of the problem to encourage a more permanent freshness in the air. 

Some practices are as simple as propping doors and windows open to allow fresh air to circulate better indoors. Air purifiers can also be used to filter the air, isolating contaminants and circulating the cleaned air back into the office. This will not only create a more positive working environment, but it will also help your office to feel more inviting and welcoming to your visiting clients.

You can even help purify the air by purchasing some indoor plants to put in the office. Plants will be able to absorb toxins from the air and create a fresher environment. Some of the best plants you can use to purify air are spider plants, chrysanthemums and aloe vera. Be sure to check for mould around your plants routinely as the moisture from watering them may encourage spore growth.

3. Deep Cleaning Your Office

Plenty of contaminants in an office such as dust can contribute to poor air quality if left unattended. Routine cleaning might tackle surface-level dirt but there are often deeper contaminants that can only be picked up with a more thorough cleaning. 

Our deep cleaning services are essential for eliminating pollutants in the office and helping to improve the overall quality of your indoor air. Using our eco-friendly range of cleaning products, we will remove any dirt, dust and allergens on surfaces, preventing particles and odours from escaping into the air and we will sanitise the office to make the working conditions healthier than ever. 

Our deep cleaning practices will include:

  • Cleaning floors and carpets
  • Cleaning windows
  • Cleaning upholstery, desks and chairs
  • Cleaning out any ventilation systems 
  • Cleaning appliances in break rooms that food is prepared in

These processes will help us to target hotspots for pollutants to gather in the office and make sure dirt and dust are not growing out of control. 

4. Cleaning Windows in the Workplace

As we mentioned above, keeping windows clean is an important part of improving indoor air quality. The cleaner your windows are, the more natural light will be let in, which both keeps your indoor air fresh and boosts the focus and morale of your employees during the working day. 

Pollutants can stick to window surfaces. Our professional cleaners will clean your windows both inside and outside to remove any grime, mould or dirt that can accumulate on the glass, creating a healthier atmosphere for your office. 

Other benefits to cleaning your windows include creating a more professional appearance for your office and expanding the lifespan of your glass, protecting it from damage and replacing sealants. Don’t forget to have your windows open though as the natural ventilation will allow the air to circulate more freely and prevent it from growing stale. 

We will make sure all windows in your office are properly cleaned. With our revolutionary long-reach system, we will be able to clean windows on any floor of a building, guaranteeing a consistent improvement in indoor air quality on all levels.

5. Reducing Pollutant Sources in the Workplace

There are several sources of air pollution in an office. Our professional cleaners will be well-equipped to identify any sources in your office that may be affecting your indoor air quality and tackle the root cause head-on. 

These sources include:

  • Pest infestations
  • Dust mites
  • Pollen
  • Smoke
  • Cleaning supplies

Sources like pollen pollution are often seasonal and can only cause a problem in the spring or summer while other sources like cleaning supplies are automatically solved by our exclusive use of eco-friendly products. 

Smoke, like pollen, is largely an external issue. There can be dangers with electrical fires from broken down machinery in the office, however we can help in the aftermath to remove the smell of smoke from your office using ventilation and air filters and purifiers, improving your air quality and creating a safer environment for your employees. 

Dust mites and pests meanwhile can affect air quality when they shed their skin or leave faecal matter behind. Dust mites can often be found in places that have high humidity while pests such as rats prefer dark places that provide shelter, food and water. 

Our professionals will keep on top of potential pest hotspots, preventing access to food and water sources by fixing leaks, storing food more securely and installing dehumidifiers to upset the conditions dust mites prefer. After eliminating traces of the pests and discouraging repeat infestations, you will see a marked improvement in the quality of your indoor air. 

Our professional cleaners are dedicated to being as thorough as possible when it comes to purifying the air, tackling each potential problem effectively to prevent the issue from recurring in your workplace. 

By hiring our services, you will be able to foster a healthier work environment that improves the respiratory health of your employees and creates a safer and more productive atmosphere that boosts the overall success of your business. 

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