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How a Clean Office Can Boost Productivity

How a Clean Office Can Boost Productivity

Many factors contribute to the productivity of employees and the output of a business’s workforce. The usual suspects are morale, employee income, training, career progression and working conditions. And when it comes to the latter, hygiene can play a vital role in ensuring employees are their best selves at work and contribute as much as possible.

In this post, we’ll take a look at how a clean office can boost productivity and why all business owners should never ignore the benefits it can provide. While a clean office may seem like less of a priority, you’ll be surprised to hear how impactful it can be.

a clean office with employees working on either side and a head table in the middle

Employee Happiness and Morale

Let’s face it; no one wants to spend their working hours in a dirty or messy workplace. And if employees are working in these types of environments, it’s safe to say they aren’t happy about it. Ensuring your office is clean, tidy, and free of clutter helps to reduce stress, increase employee happiness, and gives them a sense of pride in their work and employer. Not to mention it demonstrates that the company they work for cares about their employees enough to provide a hygienic and safe working environment.

People spend a lot of time at work, sometimes too much, which means that the quality of the workplace will naturally have a more significant effect on a person’s morale both inside and outside of work. And when you consider how crucial morale and happiness are to the motivation and work ethic of employees — it’s not difficult to see how a clean office can boost productivity.

Boost Creativity

While we’re all very different people, there’s a good argument for creativity and creative individuals to thrive with fewer distractions. Unfortunately, unclean or cluttered workplaces provide an abundance of distractions and can make it difficult to focus on the task at hand. This is why it’s vital to keep your office clean and tidy, offering you peace of mind knowing employees can work to the best of their ability. As we mentioned above, hygiene also encourages a morale boost, which can be a huge factor in how creative people are.

When people hear “creativity”, they often think of people within creative industries such as media and the arts. However, the truth is that creativity is crucial for pretty much every industry. So if all it takes to boost creativity is making sure the office is clean, it’s a no brainer!

Improve Focus

When you think about the pitfalls of an unclean office, how distracting it can be is often overlooked. Everything from stains to clutter can distract employees and directly affect productivity and their ability to process information. A lack of concentration and a sense of disorder in the workplace, no matter how minor, can have an enormous influence on employees and create a domino effect. One distracted employee is more likely to distract another, and so on and so forth.

Also, there will always be individuals who are less comfortable or even become stressed when in unclean or untidy environments — even more so as they quite literally have no choice but to be there. While we’ll discuss stress in more detail in a moment, it’s safe to say we have all experienced a lack of focus due to stress at some point. And simply tidying your workstation or having the office professionally cleaned is a simple and effective way to remedy the situation.

woman focusing on a drawing on the microsoft surface pro while sitting in a clean office

Reduce Stress

As we said, hygiene concerns in the office can be a severe source of stress for employees, and a cluttered workplace can be an unnecessary catalyst for frustration. So, why not help your team out and have a deep clean? Clutter can be a severe problem for people who suffer from stress, anxiety and depression — and you don’t need to be a doctor to understand how such extreme emotions can disrupt an employee and their workplace.

A stressed individual will find it difficult to concentrate and focus on their work, so it’s easy to see how a clean office can boost productivity. A happier, more focused person can deal with the stressful aspects of life much more effectively, which naturally benefits their career.

Maximise Employee Working Time

An office that pays little to no attention to hygiene or a build-up of clutter should expect a decrease in productivity and the time employees actually spend working. This can be for several reasons, some of which we have mentioned already. For example, if employees find themselves distracted due to the state of the office, they aren’t working. This instantly impacts workforce productivity in a big way.

Even subtle factors such as employees’ desks being too cluttered to work quickly and efficiently can be a significant problem. By ensuring your office is cleaned thoroughly a few times a year, plus daily/weekly individual cleaning (workstations, etc.), you prevent the need for regular decluttering. Neglecting your workplace and personal workspace simply means you’ll have to clean it more. Cleaning takes time, time you’ll spend not working.

A Healthier Workplace

We couldn’t discuss how a clean office can boost productivity without mentioning the positive impact of encouraging a healthier workplace. Firstly, we already discussed how clutter could be a considerable distraction and disruption to employees, which can cause stress and mental health concerns. We also mentioned employee morale. Again, a critical factor in being your happiest and healthiest self.

However, the biggest talking point regarding hygiene in the workplace has to be the Covid-19 pandemic. It has definitely opened our eyes to the importance of more efficient hygiene and how much we were lacking in this department before the world went haywire. Ensuring your workplace is clean and safe for employees minimises illnesses, bacteria spreading, and the potential for accidents. All of which will impact productivity, whether it’s due to employees taking time off or simply not being at 100% due to being ill.

wooden table with a book on it then glasses balancing on the book

Improve Motivation

There’s a lot to be said about the importance of a workplace's hygiene, tidiness, and general aesthetic. If all of these aspects are top-notch, it instantly installs a sense of pride in employees and makes them happy to be part of the company they work for. Although you’d think a clean office would be standard procedure, it’s not always the case. And a lack of interest or effort from an employer to make the workplace an enjoyable place to spend time can be problematic for employee motivation. After all, if a company doesn’t show any interest in the state of the workplace, it’s not too much of a leap for employees to assume they also have little interest in their health and wellbeing.

Investing both time and money into providing a clean, tidy workplace that looks great will boost morale, motivation and employee pride. Individuals who are proud of where they work and whom they work for are an incredible benefit to any business. It’s not just about the efficiency and productivity of their work, but about their attitude and the way they represent your business and brand. Brand perception and recognition are a big deal for any modern business, and something as simple as a clean office can be the little boost you need to enjoy new, untapped levels of success.

So, now you know how a clean office can boost productivity, it’s time to seek the advice and guidance of an expert. At Total Clean, our team of experienced cleaning specialists provide a range of services to keep offices and other workplaces cleaner, healthier, safer while increasing productivity.

Get in touch today to discuss your needs with our helpful team and find out how we can be of assistance!

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