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Google’s New Project to Boost Cleaning Industry

As part of another innovative new project by the search mammoth, Google is now offering companies the opportunity to have their establishments displayed on the internet in a similar way as the controversial Google Street View. This could mean more business for local cleaning companies. Despite all the privacy concerns and complaints I find Google Street View one of the most useful tools offered by the search engine giant. Getting a glimpse of a place you have never been before or been once and don't quite remember it, it is quite useful. Now Google wants to offer the same kind of service to shoot inside commercial buildings that request the new service. This new service with no name yet will be a mixture of Google Street View with Google's Art Project, which recorded famous paintings and art works from 17 museums around the globe. For the cleaning industry this could mean more business since business owners who request such service will want to tidy up their establishments before they are filmed. Commercial and Office Cleaners in London are already preparing themselves for a possible surge in work since London is one of the first cities to be included in the initial phase of the this new service. There are already talks about privacy issues but Google made it quite clear that the service will be completely voluntary and advise participating outlets must forewarn customers they are going to be filmed. Another piece of news from Google that is causing a stir on London's office cleaning companies is the new ten-year lease the Internet giant signed for a huge seven-storey office building in the East End of the capital. So far no London office cleaning company has been hired but I bet there are thousands of quotes on the desk of whoever is in charge of making such decision.
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