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Deep Cleaning & Fogging: What are the benefits?

Deep Cleaning & Fogging: What are the benefits?

Deep Cleaning vs Fogging: The Benefits of Two Different Cleaning Methods

Deep cleaning and fogging are two of the most popular cleaning methods for when your office needs a thorough disinfection to help restore it to optimum condition and provide a healthy working environment that will benefit everyone from your employees to your clients.

It's important to understand what each cleaning method can do for you so you can choose the best treatment for your office and eliminate as many germs and bacteria as possible. So what is the difference between deep cleaning and fogging and how can they benefit your office space in the long term?

What is Deep Cleaning?

First and foremost, deep cleaning is a thorough and effective cleaning method that helps you to clean every nook and cranny in your office, lifting dirt from skirting boards and disinfecting surfaces. By definition, it goes deeper than an average weekly clean and demands more time and effort to be put in to reach the desired result of a sparkling clean office space.

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Deep cleaning is the most reliable method of disinfecting a space while also helping to freshen up the air to generate a more positive working environment.

No stone is left unturned in a deep cleaning and settling into a good routine is the best way to ensure that you are targeting all the hotspots in your workplace, such as the kitchen, the bathroom and carpets, especially where the floor gets a lot of traffic over the course of a day.

What is Fogging?

By comparison, fogging requires a lot less physical labour and effort. Where deep cleaning focuses heavily on the germs and bacteria that can gather on surfaces in the office, utilizing the fogging method helps to combat the bacteria in the air.

man with a chemical suit on using a fogging machine to clear germs from the space of some office stairs

Using fogging machines is a less traditional method than deep cleaning but it is no less effective. The machines spray a fine disinfectant mist into the air which guarantees an even coating over your surfaces and provides a blanket cleaning of the entire room or office space the mist is released into.

It is most typically used in the event of a contagious illness or outbreak in space, with the disinfectant properties of the fog combating germs that are spread in the air. For offices, which often have a lot of traffic throughout the day, a routine fogging can be extremely useful in keeping germ levels down to protect as many people as possible as often as possible. We offer a total fogging cleaning service to remove germs from your workspace or home.

What Are the Benefits of Deep Cleaning and Fogging?

Having a clean and healthy office space is vital when it comes to running a successful and reputable business.

Treating your workplace with a deep clean or a fogging provides a tried and true way of improving a number of things that can help the office working hours run smoothly:

  • Increases productivity
  • Improves indoor air quality
  • Protects against pests
  • Improves mental and physical health
  • Reduces allergens

Unlike other types of cleaning that simply focus on the surface level, often just for the sake of appearance, deep cleaning and fogging both go deeper to ensure that every aspect of your office is getting the same careful attention to create the best impression possible and elevate you above the industry standard.

When the two cleaning procedures work in tandem, you get even better results. Fogging naturally tackles germs, bacteria and other microbes and allergens, pairing well with the physical success of a deep clean when it comes to scouring the office for any sign of dirt. The act of removing stains and mold from surfaces and damp corners of the ceiling and walls lessens the bacteria released into the air, getting you well on your way to a clean office even before you implement the fogging process.

Safety Procedures in Cleaning

Never forget that while an effective deep cleaning and fogging will help your office take great strides in becoming a healthy and happy place to work, that you and your employees also play a significant role.

Make sure before any deep clean that you and your employees are not allergic to any chemicals used in cleaning products and to find other alternatives if you are.

Maintain a working schedule as well when it comes to cleaning the dishes after a lunch break and wiping down printers and other office equipment after use. This helps to ensure that everyone has a fair workload and also helps your office to remain looking its best on days when your professional cleaning service isn't contracted to work.

yellow sign for Caution wet floor
Caution wet floor

When it comes to fogging, always make sure the premises are vacated while the procedure is ongoing. Shut off the electricity and remember not to use fogging machines in small spaces and wait at least an hour while the fine mist is aired out. This helps to reduce the risk of accidental fires and protects the employees health, preventing the chemicals from being breathed in.

Cleaning the premises every day is the best way to keep your office clean in between the more thorough deep cleans, making your job easier and ensuring that your office is always as clean as possible.

Deep cleaning and fogging can also both help with air quality and preventing illnesses so don't discount either when you are deciding on the best strategy for cleaning your office as both will help you greatly in the long run.

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