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Daytime Office Cleaning in London?

Daytime Office Cleaning in London?   Daytime office cleaning London is becoming prevalent in Europe but will this growing new trend be adapted by office cleaning companies in London and other cities in the UK. Daytime cleaning is becoming cost effective for a variety of reasons and in particular the energy saving benefits are appealing to companies when meeting energy saving objectives. However to make the necessary changes to daytime cleaning requires careful planning and consideration to avoid unnecessary pitfalls. Below is a selection of points you should consider:
  • Requests made by office workers to janitorial staff could cause them delay in completing their duties.
  • Office cleaning in the evening is a second job for some janitorial staff who has to work around their spouses daytime Job and especially when it comes to caring for their family.
  • Some noisy cleaning practices could distract office staff making phone calls, in meetings etc.
  • Communication with the client is essential so all office staff are made aware of the forthcoming changes and it gives them a chance to voice their opinion especially if they disagree.
  • Transferring your evening routines to daytime will not work, adapting and changing them to fit in with the day to day routine in the office will need to be made to ensure sucessful implementation.
  • Take into account the equipment you will be using during daytime hours, for example low noise vacuums and battery powered equipment reduces the needs for cables presenting possible safety hazards for office staff.
  • There will be certain cleaning procedures that can only be carried out at evenings or weekends when staff are not in office.
  • It will take time to adapt to a sucessful daytime cleaning routine and this can only be achieved by trial and error.
The positives for daytime cleaning are as follows:
  • Office workers can see the work being done, rather than wondering if it has been done and as a result generate less complaints.
  • Not having the building lit for cleaning staff at night can save on energy costs.
  • With no janitorial staff working at night this can reduce the need for manned security.
  • Better results can be achieved in high traffic areas like the reception area and the washrooms, as you have your janitorial staff working during the day.
Commercial Cleaning Contractors in London and the UK who are looking to make the change from night to day cleaning need to consider the above factors to ensure successful implementation.  
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