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New Survey Reveals The Cost of Cleaning in Hospitality Sector

A new survey has revealed the cost of buying janitorial supplies in the hospitality sector for the first time.

The research – carried out by the ‘Professional’ label of Proctor & Gamble cleaning products – has revealed professional customers spend £124.45 each month on cleaning products, when preparing to clean hotel rooms, pubs and more.

Owners of B&B’s and Tea Rooms up and down the country are finding themselves in a tough situation when it comes to buying cleaning products;  buy cheap and buy twice as much  – or buy pricey and trust it to get the job done in one.

Of course, teaming up with Total Clean would ensure that the job is always done right the first time – and we bring our own cleaning supplies!


P&G Professional’s Jayne Clark said: “At P&G Professional, we understand that busy operators need trusted cleaning products which are simple to use, deliver significant cleaning mileage and provide value-for-money with every dose. Flash All Purpose Cleaner, which is part of the Flash Professional range of cleaning solutions, not only has great cleaning power but delivers on multiple fronts including shine, freshness, scent, degreasing and dust removal. Combine these benefits with the simplicity, efficiency and trustworthiness of a well-known brand and you have a winning solution for busy operators.”

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