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Office hygiene facts: how does poor office hygiene effect the economy?

Office hygiene facts: how does poor office hygiene effect the economy?

It’s elementary that an unclean workplace could effect employee health and cause the occasional sick-day – but did you know that offices with poor hygiene cost the British economy £13.7 billion a year?

These office hygiene facts are true, according to a report conducted by the Centre for Economic and Business Research (CEBR) earlier this year, who conducted the research on behalf of a leading hygienist group.

Interestingly, there’s a clear divide in the two ‘types’ of hygienic issues faced in the workplace, both with massive economic repercussions;

£4.2 billion is lost in sick leave caused by employees, or having an illness that directly effects the amount of work they can complete in their work day.

A massive £9.5 billion was lost due to the time wasted as a result of poor hygiene in the office. This could be something as simple as washing up dirty dishes from lunchtime, or even having to travel further to find a suitable washroom in the building if the ones nearest to a staff members’ desk aren’t up to scratch.

Economist at the Centre for Economics and Business Research, Daniel Solomon commented: “This report indicates that for every worker employed, British businesses are throwing £700 down the drain. It’s a general rule that the better you care for something, the better it will perform. The British workforce is no exception. For the majority of businesses, staff represent a significant investment. In failing to create a healthy workplace environment, employers are failing their employees and businesses.”

The survey also provided some valuable insight into the effects of good office cleaning on have on staff happiness and job satisfaction. Something for all office managers to consider next time they’re budgeting for the contract cleaners is that the average UK office worker would be willing to sacrifice £130 per annum to ensure their offices are maintained to a higher hygiene standard.

Who would have guessed?


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