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Do you Have a Dirty Kitchen Sink in your Office?

Do you Have a Dirty Kitchen Sink in your Office? Modern office buildings offer kitchen facilities for employees. However it also the responsibility of the office employees to keep this facility clean throughout the day. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case and raises the question among employees of different companies asking ‘Do you have a dirty kitchen sink in your office?’ Dirty Kitchen Sink Is your office kitchen sink full of unwashed cutlery, bowls, plates and anything else that gets thrown in the kitchen sink? The office kitchen sink can be a haven for bacteria. According to recent research, the kitchen sink contains more bacteria than your average toilet. You wouldn’t think that to be the case but a 2015 study published in Food Protection Trends reported high bacterial counts on sponges, cutting boards, countertops and the sink itself. It warned salmonella could grow on dishcloths left out overnight, even after being washed and rinsed. This will shock many people as you would think a clean looking office sink area is bacteria free. Cleaning your Office Kitchen Sink If an office kitchen area is to be kept clean and bacteria free then it needs to be properly sanitised throughout the day. Most office buildings employ Office Cleaning Companies to clean on a daily basis after the office workers have gone home. If there is a commercial cleaning company cleaning your offices in the evening, this shouldn’t be a green light to leave your office kitchen sink dirty throughout the day. Install a daily cleaning routine for the office kitchen area.
  • Encourage individuals to wash and go.
  • Leave ample cleaning supplies (sponges, dishcloths, cleaning solutions)
  • Have a waste bin available for dirty sponges, disposables etc
  • Have a laundry basket for dirty dishcloths and tea towels
  • Create a rota and assign individuals different cleaning tasks.
These daily tasks will go a long way in keeping your office kitchen sink bacteria free. Office Cleaning in London Total Clean has nearly 35 years experience in providing excellence in commercial and office cleaning services. Contact us for a quote and take advantage of our latest special offers.

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