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Cleaning Audit: Judging the Effectiveness of a Cleaning Company

Cleaning Audit: Judging the Effectiveness of a Cleaning Company Choosing an office cleaning London company for your office premises is a very important decision and must be given serious thought. A number of factors must be taken into consideration to ensure you keep your office cleaned to a high standard. Office cleaning is a type of service that requires constant evaluation. The true value of an office cleaning company is not only in the quality of the cleaning service provided but also in the company’s reliability, trustworthiness and dedication to health and safety. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are an essential base for evaluating and maintaining the standards of cleaning performance.

Here are the three most important KPIs you should be looking for in a commercial cleaning company:

1. Quality of Service - Appearance

Office cleaning is one of the most challenging types of cleaning. This is due to the wide range of building styles and internal set-ups. The first KPI is an obvious but important one.

Does it look clean?

Does it smell fresh?

To measure this KPI, it’s important to undertake regular cleaning audits. This will help determine the effectiveness and quality of your office cleaning. We recommend you schedule a cleaning audit quarterly. The cleaning audits will reveal if a department or location needs attention or a specific service needs improving. The audits will also reveal if there is consistency across the cleaning team and all individuals are performing to high standards. One way to conduct a cleaning audit is to measure impressions of 25% of the users (office employees), plus the impressions of a third party visitor (can be clients or auditors) and a senior manager.

2. Flexible and Reliable Service

Office cleaning companies should be able to offer a flexible service and be able to work when you need them. Be it early mornings or evening shifts, an office cleaning London service should be flexible to fit in with your company’s work schedule.

Commercial Cleaning Company, Cleaning Staff Reliability is also essential because if your contract cleaners start and finish late, this could have a knock on effect on your company's scheduled events or meetings. To ensure standards are maintained, a good relationship between the Office Manager and the Office Cleaning Supervisor must be developed. This is important for maintaining a high standard of cleaning and ensure both parties are satisfied.

3. Safety and Sustainability

Health and safety is an essential element and all commercial cleaning companies must provide training to their staff. Health and Safety is crucial when cleaning offices populated by workers on a daily basis. Your cleaning contractor should carry out risk assessments when necessary and ensure staff are up-to-date and fully trained in the latest developments to health and safety legislation and ensure all cleaning equipment is serviced and maintained. Total Clean An effective cleaning company must also be aware of its impact on the environment and always work towards a sustainable way of delivering high quality cleaning service. Finding a “CarbonZero” cleaning company which uses environmentally friendly cleaning products should be your goal as a company. Although the KPIs can vary from client to client, the principles stay the same and these 3 factors should definitely be considered when hiring a contract office cleaning London company for your office premises.

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