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Desk Organisation Tips: Tips to Maintaining a Professional Clean Desk

Ever feel like your snowed under with paper and clutter on your desk? If this sounds familiar check out our tips for keeping a clean organised desk.
  • When you receive any mail or important documents, make sure you file them appropriately as soon as you get them. So that you remain organised and they are accessible, for when you need them.
  • Ensure to prioritise your documents as you receive them, this will help you not to feel too overwhelmed and help you get things done faster.
  • Organise your desk in a way that all your resources are within reaching distance (if this is possible), for example stationary and filing cabinet. Ideally your desk chair should have wheels so you can move around quickly and easily.
  • Always ensure you give your desk a wipe down and clean of any rubbish, as this will maintain professionalism if any clients are expected and help you feel more relaxed and focused.
After all having an organised, tidy desk can help you to keep control of the work you are doing and help to alleviate stress!
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